Firm rebrands, unveils empowerment initiatives



Highlighting lack of proper orientation and morality as one of the challenges hindering youth development, TEEKY Group has repositioned to provide a platform for youths to be empowered and creative in the country.

Indeed, the company emphasized the need to tackle this challenge from the grassroots, noting that TEEKY’s goal is centered in helping to impact positive life values in children and youths in a fun and relaxed way, using diverse forms of edutainment and social engagement platforms.

The Chief Executive Officer, TEEKY Group of Companies and Publisher, TEEKY Magazine, Mrs. Doris Akpovwa, during the firm’s 10th anniversary ceremony and formal launch of the company’s other segment of the business, said with 10 years hands-on experience in diverse forms of development and empowerment of children under her belt, the firm has evolved into a family entertainment brand.

“We are all about creativity and bringing out excellence in these children and the youths. We have inculcated in them high standards when it comes to morals and character. We are looking at helping the next generation while encouraging the family edutainment.

The 10 years has been a journey especially with publication since we started with publication. It has been encouraging and very inspiring. It has been 10 years of life transforming not just for the kids but for me,” she said.

She added that event is also being organized to thank all the customers, clients and friends who have supported TEEKY since conception, maintaining that it is also an opportunity to showcase what is new in store and what clients should expect from the group.

“The youths as they often say, are the leaders of tomorrow. Many of these potential leaders of tomorrow are drifting.

For a long time, even when I was in paid employment, I kept thinking about how I can positively affect the lives of Nigerian kids. I felt the best way to do it was to establish a specialized magazine that will cater for their interest,” she added.

Also speaking at the event, the Sales and Marketing Executive, Morning Side Suites, sponsors of the TEEKY event, commended the group for driving initiatives aimed at encouraging kids and youths in the country, saying that his company is planning to make Nigeria’s hospitality industry a dominant force in the whole of Africa.

He said the hospitality industry is a huge industry in Nigeria, adding that the industry has come a long way embracing lots of people around the world, but stressed that due to recent economic hard times, sales in the industry has been a little bit of a downturn.

“We are not going to look at this difficult time, but we are saying that we are here to stay and we will remain a dominant force as far as the industry is concerned,” he said.

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