Huawei workers protest against alleged unfair labour practice

HuaweiINDUSTRIAL crisis looms at the Chinese owed communication firm, Huawei, as workers have accused the management of engaging in unfair labour practice. Representatives of the workers, who spoke under the condition of anonymity mentioned tax deduction from salary, incomplete, inconsistent pension remittances and sudden salary reduction without any notification or explanation or justification.

The company is also accused of imposing of Huawei phones on FMEs and some outsourced staff against their wish and deducting the money from their salary without their consent.

One of the employers said the Chinese employers also taunt the employees about the high level of unemployment rate in the country and that sacking any of them will render socially irresponsible persons, as there are no jobs in the country for them. The Chinese firm was also accused of assaulting employees physically.

He added: The lack of jobs in the country has also become a tool of harassment. The Chinese bosses also issue sack constant threats of sack because there are no work in the country.

This is coupled with physical assault on employers who have no institution to report to. There are also constant violations of staffers’ fundamental human rights, which include slapping and yelling at outsourced staff among many others.”

While calling for investigation into the expatriate quota granted to the Huawei by the Federal Government, the protesting workers, said there is overbearing influence of less-qualified staff as key managerial positions are exclusively reserved for them. The workers also said the outsourced staff are denied annual leave and when such is granted, it attracts deduction from their salaries.

The source added: “There are deductions in salary for days absent from work due to illness even when proof of illness is provided in form of hospital bills and doctor’s report.

Maternity leave also attracts deduction in salary for the days on leave and absent from work.” Other alleged anti-labour practices of the Huawei include denial of payment for overtime work done, absence of career path for the outsourced staff, stagnation of carrier, no salary increment no matter number of years of service to the company, no relocation allowance when an outsourced staff is transferred from one state to another.

But the Permanent Secretary in the ministry of labour and productivity, Dr Clement Illoh, told The Guardian that the ministry is yet to receive any petition to the ill treatment of Nigerians by Huawei firm. He said: “The ministry of labour and productivity is yet to receive any petition from any of the Huawei firm employee concerning anti-labour practices.

Government will not tolerate any anti-labour practice in Nigeria by any company locally owned or foreign-owed. All companies doing business in Nigeria have the responsibility of obeying all the rules and regulation guiding employment in country and the ministry will leave no stone unturned to ensure the laws are strictly adhered to.”

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  • anonymos_change

    Huawei Technologies in Nigeria is a torn in the flesh. I worked with them for some years as an intern, NYSC, outsource and full staff so I can speak authoritatively from experience. They threat Nigerians especially the outsourced staff as slaves as if they own the country . The company is not ready to employ qualified Nigerians to be full staff because they are not ready to pay what they deserve yet they ship Chinese everyday to the country as if we have no boarders. The worst part is that most of the Chinese staff are not even degree holders yet they claim to be experts. In most cases, experienced outsourced staff have to train them on the job and they later become their boss. Another issue is that a lot of them do not have a valid visa yet they walk as kings in the country. Thanks to the immigration department for the series of cover-up’s. I have seen a Chinese who entered the country with 6 month visa and stayed for 6 years without apprehension. It is true that Nigerians are compelled to resign or forced to be an outsourced staff when they see he is about to reach a top position. The salaries of staff is so small to take them home yet they company declares over $23 billion dollars revenue just between January to June 2015. It is time for Nigerian youth and the staff of the companies to take the battle to the enemy’s door.


    I would never again buy anything from Huawei, they don’t just exploit workers. they exploit customers when there overpriced phones don’t work. Maybe it’s time the consumer fought back and boycotted Huawei worldwide. How can they treat workers and customers like trash.