Bi-annual conference of Nigerian Oral Literature Association holds in October

BSUThe fourth bi-annual conference of Nigerian Oral Literature Association (NOLA) will hold from October 19 through 22, 2016 at the Centre for Gender Studies, Benue State University, Makurdi.

Conference theme is ‘Orality, New Media and Creative Industries,’ and it has sub-themes that include ‘Oral Traditions, New Media and the Economy of Creative Industries,’ ‘Orality, Social Media, Creative/Entertainment Industries,’ ‘Oral Literatures, New Media and Creative Industries,’ ‘Orality, New Media and Popular Culture,’ ‘Orality, Folklore and the Internet,’ ‘Orality, New Media and Digital Storytelling/Narration,’ ‘Orality, New Media, and Popular Music,’ ‘Oral Literatures, New Media, Theatre, Drama, Dance and Performing Arts,’ ‘Orality, Oratorical Arts, Stand-Up Comedy’ and ‘Orality, New Media, Proverbs, Riddles, Jokes, Afforisms,, etc.’

Others include ‘Orality, New Media, Video Films, Nollywood Industries,’ ‘Orality, New Media, Mass Communication, Broadcasting/Journalism,’ ‘Orality, New Media, Festivals, and Creative Industries,’ ‘Oral Traditions, Tourism/Travels and Creative Industries,’ ‘Orality, New Media, Linguistics, Languages & Multi-Culturalism,’ ‘Orality, New Media, and Translations/Transmissions,’ ‘Orality, New Media, Fine and Design Arts/Industries’ and ‘Orality, New Media, Gender, Women and Creative Industries.’

Also to be considered are ‘Orality, New Media, Children/Juvenile Arts,’ ‘Oraliity, New Media, Religions, Ethics & Creative Industries,’ ‘Orality, New Media, Cyber Crime & Cyber Security,’ ‘Orality, New Media, Marketing, Advertising & Creative Industries,’ ‘Orality, New Media, Training and Education of Artists,’ ‘Orality, New Media, Research and Documentation’ and ‘Orality, New Media, Sports and Recreational Events.’

A call has also been made for papers. Prospective Participants should send abstracts of not more than 250 words not later than August 31, 2016, indicating the relevant sub-theme to any of the addresses below:; . For further details, contact: Professor Leticia Maiver (Host), Director, Centre for Gender Studies, Benue State University, Makurdi (, Professor G. G. DARAH (President), Dept. of English & Literary Studies, Delta State University, Abraka (, Dr. Mike Osama IGHILE (Admin Secretary), Benson Idahosa University,
Benin City, (, Peter E. OMOKO (Membership Secretary), Dept. of English, Delta State College of Physical Education, Mosogar, Delta State (

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