Corruption and anti-graft crusade

corruption“Corruption has endemic, cancerous and oracular tendencies. It is endemic because it normally catches up with a people or community. It is cancerous because it spreads from one person to the other until it engulfs the whole society. It is equally oracular in nature because once it spreads in a system; people tend to believe in it just as the people of ancient times believed in and worshipped oracles. In a corrupt society, people tend to think that no one can be successful without being corrupt.”

Therefore, submissions to the corruption predicament and anti-graft crusade in Nigeria requires both theoretical and practical solutions. Theoretical reason and praxis ought to navigate Nigeria out of corruption mess and recession, if ethics and whatever values of the society that go with it, according to Immanuel Kant, is a based on practical reason. The following framework may guide authors in their submissions.

Philosophical investigations into corruption. Historical and anthropological analysis of corruption. Language, culture, ethnicism and corruption. Post-modern values and corruption.

Religion, anthropocentricism and corruption. Law, public order and corruption. Presidential system of government and corruption. Corporate governance and corruption. Poverty, greed and epistemology of corruption. Leadership and corruption.

Submissions must be in APA style, not more than 2500 words, to reach the Editor-in-Chief on or before March 31, 2017.

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