Tradeways, EHC launch 1m jobs via ‘TheMap’

JobsTradeways Express International Limited, in the pursuit of excellence in the courier sector and Edu Hub Consults (EHC), with focus of being a reliable one-stop web development centre, have launched a job creation initiative through the e-commerce space in the country.

Termed ‘TheMap.Online, according to Anyanso MMA, internet infrastructure developer (IID), Edu Hub Consult, will change the economy, empower the youths and boost economic activities within the value chains.

“Why the project? Today, more than 60 % of Nigerian population is made up of young people below the age of 35. About eighty percent of these are either unemployed or underemployed. This has made many observers to predict that the Nigerian Youthful population is like a time bomb waiting to be detonated. Nigeria is reputed to have the largest army of unemployed and underemployed youths in Africa. One out of every three Nigerian is either unemployed or under employed.

“Evidently, there is an increase in unemployment, high living cost with low standards; rural-urban migration, leading to abandonment of resources with false assumptions that certain areas offer better opportunities. However, every part of Nigeria has a unique opportunity for the people. We want to change these trends through ‘TheMap”, he said.

Breaking down the project profile, he said they are ready to offer “Federal Government candidates about 10, 000, free online shops; another 10,000 for each of the 36 States, FCT and Local Government candidates, “making a total of 370, 000 free online shops”.

He also announced a provision of 30,000 free online shops for the internally displaced persons (IDP’s); “i.e. 10, 000 free online shops extra for each states where you have the IDP’s camp situated; Bornu-10, 000 extra for IDP’s camp; and Adamawa IDP’s camp. Making it a total of 400, 000 free online shops.

“The remaining 600, 000 free online shops out of the total 1 million goes to every other Nigerian intending to start or already operation a retail business”.

He said further that they will offer training to the IDP’s on the e-commerce system, “show them how they can start selling e-goods and making commissions, making deliveries for online shops as courier services value chain.

“We will profile the barbers, teachers, artisans, etc on our ecommerce platform to make sure they start making money from outside their camps rather than being cut off from the real world.

On his part, Mr. Obinna Ezeuko, chairman of Tradeways Express International Limited, with major focus on express courier, nationwide cargo and international freight services, said that the Company has oiled its tool in readiness for swift delivery of parcels and other commodities to the satisfaction of both the sellers and buyers.

“We have been thinking on a number of innovative ways to better the worth of Nigerians and this partnership on ‘TheMap’ is just one of them. From our end, our tools are ready, our staffs have been trained and the confidence is that this revolutionary technology driven project will eliminate poverty in the lives of those that will be involved. When telecoms revolution started in 2001, many people didn’t believe it, but today the results are there. Thus, this is another revolution from the commerce/courier sector that will position the country for economic buoyancy.

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