Be wary of social media pressure, radicalisation, VC cautions freshmen

Social media

Social media

At the speed with which religious bigots and sundry anti-social elements are ravaging the world and causing misery, Vice Chancellor, Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU), Professor Eno Ibanga, has cautioned freshmen to be wary of their online engagements.

Ibanga, who spoke at the sixth matriculation of the university at its main campus in Ikot Akpaden, Mkpat Enin, Akwa Ibom State, also urged them to manage their time well and avoid distractions posed by the social media.

“Never before in the history of mankind do we have as many distractions as we have today especially for the youths who are faced with so many pressures and challenges presented by the social media among others. With Facebook, for instance, you can be interacting with millions of people around the world without even knowing them one-on-one. Access to the Internet is so cheap and you are launched onto the information superhighway at the touch of a botton. Students should know that some of these informations are garbage and not worthwhile. The problem is how to distinguish between what information is valuable and what is not. So students should not take everything as the truth because they can be radicalised or influenced for bad without knowing it.”

Ibanga stressed the need for the students to take their personal and group security and wellbeing seriously, drawing their attention to the prevailing security challenges in the country.

He, therefore, advised them not to allow the efforts and dreams of their parents and guardians to be in vain, by exposing themselves to unscrupulous elements in the society, just as he emphasised that the tradition of decent dressing was the heart beat of AKSU.

“The University is a place for the advancement of learning. The three paramount motives of the university are, to seek truth, to preserve truth and to propagate truth. This institution is characterised by certain unique and sterling qualities-to train the head, the heart and the mind. The implication is that the university seeks to achieve not only academic excellence, but also the moral uprightness of students. Such holistic approach in our training is very pertinent because what will make the difference between you and the “area boy” or “motor park tout” will be the moral integrity you exhibit. To achieve this requires a careful application of self, diligently as well as hard work, dedication and commitment.”

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