Boli, roasted plantain, going out of reach



The increase in the price of many farm produce has not only affected tomatoes, but plantain, also. Hardly will one find roasted plantain, also known as, ‘Boli’ on the street of Lagos, and pack of N100 plantain chips can be easily counted on the fingers due to the scarcity that has hit its supply.

At Oyingbo market, the items did not fare differently; plantain was among food items that commands high price. Mrs. Labake Idowu, who sells plantain at the market, a suburb of Lagos State, told The Guardian that, everyday, things are becoming costlier.

At the Bariga market, a woman, who identified herself as Mama Tunde, told The Guardian that the scarcity and increase in the price of plantain made her switch to roasting of yam and maize. In her words, “It is very expensive. Buying seven fingers of plantain for N700 is unprofitable,” wondering how much she would make to be able to cater for family?

Reflecting on the extreme rise in price of plantain, she said, the final consumers will definitely feel the pinch, as only those who have the money can buy it.

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