New TV show to give hope to Nigerians

Banji Adesanmi

Banji Adesanmi

A new reality TV show intended to encourage and inspire everyone about the faithfulness and power of God is in the offing. It is the production of Banji Adesanmi Ministry entitled Inspaya TV.
According to Adesanmi, the show is centred on ‘Real People, Real Testimonies,’ adding, “It is a documentary that tells the stories and testimonies of everyday people in their own words”.
Adesanmi said Inspaya was not just mere television content but one designed to have positive impact on the audience and the society at large.He noted, “Our belief is that our nation and our work need comfort, solace and hope in the midst of economic uncertainties and social dysfunction. Inspaya will not only provide this function, but will also calm the fear of tomorrow. When people listen to the stories of survival on Inspaya, they would help them to put their own challenges in perspective and know that there is a God that would help them, too, just as he helped the ones sharing their stories on the show”.
He stated that the name Inspaya was chosen as an umbrella for anything and everything that can inspire, motivate and challenge men towards God.The itinerant evangelist said his vision was to give a clear message of hope and encouragement by telling and sharing people’s life and survival stories, adding, “There is a way stories impact and change people for the better, and this is what the Inspaya show intends to achieve – clearly delivering the testimony and stories of hope in the words of the testifiers with high quality production”.
According to him, the stories would encourage viewers never to give up as they see the outstanding testimonies of the hand of God in the life of others, stories ranging from deliverance from drugs, armed robbery, brain tumors, homelessness, and acute sicknesses to survival of sickle cell anemia, cerebral palsy and more.

“The show has a rich repertoire of life-changing and thought provoking testimonies and would jostle anyone from a state of despondence or discouragement,” he added.Production Manager of Inspaya, Mr. Wunmi Raji, said they are hopeful that the programme would be a landmark addition to the entertainment industry.

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