Role of alkaline water in management of diseases

Logo-NannaWater and air are two very important things that GOD gave to keep us healthy. It is no wonder; therefore, that these two are under constant attack and through them the human being is being afflicted by one disease or the other today. Never has the air we breathe been so polluted and the tastelessness of the water that should keep us healthy, has kept a lot of people away from it. Not only are human beings staying away from water, they now drink beverages – soft drinks, tea, coffee, alcohol etc., as substitutes. These, no doubt have come with their own untoward effects, in form of diseases.

Going back to good old water is the best decision that any one that desires to live a healthy life can make. A healthy body is one where the water is alkaline and an unhealthy one has an acidic pH, which encourages the development of diseases. A healthy body can therefore be said to be one that is not aged no matter how old the individual is. It is also a body that has an ideal weight, full of energy, vitality and devoid of diseases. As we continue this series on the benefits of alkaline water, we shall be looking at the role of alkaline water as an anti-aging agent and in the management of obesity.
Alkaline Water, an Anti – Ageing Supplement

Alkaline water is a type of water with a pH above 7.0. It is made alkaline by its content of such minerals as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonates etc. These minerals confer the alkalinity to the water. There are certain properties associated with this water. The molecular clusters of this water are reduced from 15 to 5. This reduces the surface tension of the water and makes it ‘wetter’ allowing for better hydration and delivery of nutrients to the cells. The negatives charged alkaline minerals in the water neutralize the acidity in the body and mop up the free radicals.

Now, concerning aging let me state thus: that you are old [advanced in age] does not mean you should look aged. The commonest cause of ageing is acid that is acid from dehydration or from food that we eat and beverages that we drink. The acid causes tissue breakdown in the body and it manifests as wrinkling and sagging of the skin and as some has said, the grey hair. The free radicals cause damage to the cells and the organelles inside the cells by oxidative stress. The combined breakdown of tissues by acids and free radicals lead to aging and the age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s Dementia, arthritis, diabetes, atherosclerosis, cancer and so on.

To prevent ageing, we should drink alkaline water. The antioxidants in the alkaline water neutralize the acid and the free radicals, which would otherwise damage the tissues, thereby slowing the aging process. The micro-clustered water being absorbed faster increases the circulation and eliminates the acid wastes faster. Drinking sufficient alkaline water daily causes the stomach and pancreas to produce copious amounts of bicarbonate solution which when absorbed into the circulation neutralizes the acidity further. Some of the substances that women apply to their skin in a bid to look younger contribute to their looking aged. Alkaline water will make the skin supple with a shine and luster that no cream or pomade can give.

Alkaline Water and Obesity
Alkaline water increases the pH of the body water and when this happens the following occur: there is a reduction in fats and cholesterol, which normally protect the body from the damaging effects of acids. Apart from dehydration, which causes acids to accumulate and our diet other sources of acid are stress, air pollution and our usual drinking water, which in almost all cases are acidic. Acids, like we know are destructive to the body tissues. To protect these tissues from acid destruction the body produces and releases fats, which are known to bind and store the organic acids.

I shall continue this series with other age-related diseases in next week Thursday’s edition of the Guardian Newspaper.

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