Taking drudgery off, bringing mechanisation to boost agriculture

PHOTO: www.worldbank.org

PHOTO: www.worldbank.org

• Dizengoff commits to farm support

Increasingly, food supply in Nigeria is under pressure, and prices are galloping. The old regime of agricultural production, where manual implements, largely holds sway has not helped matters. But the use of modern farm machinery is would make all the difference.

Commercial Manager, Tractor & Implements, Dizengoff Nigeria, Damisa Enahoro, in a house forum that the way forward is to attract the new breed through farm mechanisation.

He said high proportion of arable land is still being cultivated by hand tools, thereby making the farming profession unattractive to young people. However, efficient and adequate farm machineries must be deployed to farms to make it an attractive business both to families and the young people.

Enahoro, whose firm wants to make the difference through its Massey Ferguson tractors, said the nation needs high-quality machinery and appropriate technology to suit all types of farming operation in the country.

He said deploying the appropriate equipment to farms can also have a direct impact on yields and the area under cultivation can be substantially increased through mechanisation.

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