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Dear Ego,
I have an inner conflict I really need you and the other readers of the DW community to advise me on. I have a maid who comes from home every day because I don’t have a boy’s quarters to accommodate her. She works from 8am to 7pm doing my domestic chores. Now here is my dilemma. She uses the guest toilet in the house and when she does – OH BOY! … WE ALL KNOW IT! – she stinks up the whole house and I have to abandon that part of it for at least half an hour.

A few years ago I watched the movie ‘THE HELP’ on the plane, on my way to New York and I was really appalled at how white Americans treated their Black American domestic staff, especially over this same use of the toilet issue, so I feel quite guilty at the thought of asking my maid not to use our guest toilet. But then again, I am being inconvenienced in my own home. Also did I mention that the guest toilet sits right next to the living room and the kitchen? Two very important rooms in the house. Please, Ego and DW community, I would really appreciate your help with sorting out this issue in my home.

Mrs. Thomas
Dear Mrs Thomas,I think you should look at the big picture here. If you stop the help from using the guest toilet in your house, she would probably stay away when you are home but keep using it behind your back. Imagine sending a guest to the guest toilet when the help has left a little present there without your knowledge. My advice is that you take the time to instil some toilet etiquette in her. Also encourage her to eat responsibly to reduce the unpleasant odour and furnish the guest toilet with good air fresheners. I believe if you polish up this area of her life she would be most grateful to you in the future. This is also a way to show her you see her as more than the help but also as a woman. All the best!
Lady Ego

Mrs Thomas,
Well done ma! Please I just have one simple question to ask you. (You seem like a well-travelled lady. I picked that up from your post) The last time you travelled did you notice the air hostesses in First Class using the First Class toilets? …or maybe you noticed the pilot leaving the plane on auto pilot during his break and stretching out on the unoccupied seats in the plane, so that he too could exercise his ‘human rights’ at work? I doubt it very much and I’m sure you understand my point by now. Tell your maid to start sharing the outside toilet with your security staff if she does not know how to treat her oga’s toilet! Simple!!! I don’t think this makes you a bad person, I just think it makes you a human being with healthy boundaries. I, Ego-Pepper won’t let a friend with bad toilet manners use my toilet a second time! I reserve the right to breathe freely in my own home. Abeg …let’s keep it real jor!

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