Just the two of us?

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Tunji was in the middle of my room, on one knee, with the beautiful ring that I had once worn and instead of screaming a loud yes, I stood frozen and speechless.

“Adesewa, you see me kneeling here don’t you’’? Tunji asked. I could see the apprehension on his face. What he didn’t understand was that I was not about to say no, but I was so happy so full of joy, that I couldn’t speak, so I nodded.

“You’re nodding. I don’t understand what your nod means is that a yes’’? Tunji asked.“Yes”. I said. My voice came out as a little croak.Tunji smiled and stood to his feet. He slipped the ring on my finger and sighed in relief.

“So we are engaged again, what next’’? He asked.“Let’s tell my parents first. My dad actually. He will be more understanding and he can handle the others”. I suggested.

“This won’t be easy, we hurt too many people’’. Tunji pointed out.“It was all my fault. Maybe I should try to fix it and leave you out of it”. I said.
Tunji held my hand.

“It was easy to blame you at first, but to be honest I have had all these months to think about your fears and they were all very valid. I should have been more interested in your dreams and your goals. I was so eager to start the rest of my life with you, it didn’t occur to me that I was expecting so much of you. Expecting you to move back to Nigeria, expecting you to give up your career and just assume the role of wife and mother. I guess that comes with having been together for so long. In my head, you had been preparing for the role all your life”. Tunji explained.

“It’s ok at least, we have a second chance now”. I said with a smile.Tunji smiled and touched my cheek gently before saying… “Exactly! So we must do things differently this time,let’s get married right away and then we tell them. Just you and me for now…what do you say’’?

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