‘Tinubu Did Not Boycott APC Meeting’

President Buhari with APC state chairmen... yesterday.

President Buhari with APC state chairmen… yesterday.

• Party Crisis: Buhari Meets States’ Chairmen
• Laughable To Say We’ll Move To PDP, Says

CONTRARY to belief that he, and his loyalists in the All Progressives Congress (APC), shunned the party’s National Executives Council (NEC) meeting, held on Friday in Abuja, former Lagos State Governor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, was not present “because he had no business attending the meeting.”

A party source told The Guardian: “It is absolutely untrue that he was forced to stay away. Nobody forced him to stay away, neither could anyone have forced him to stay away.

“In the first place, he is not a member of the NEC, and I can assure you he would have received a standing ovation had he come to the meeting, especially against the background of President Muhammadu Buhari’s speech to the NEC.”

The source, a member of the APC NEC, said the seemingly coordinated attacks on Tinubu is a direct result of the frontline role the APC national leader played in ending the 16-year reign of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Tinubu has been blamed for the crisis rocking the governing party, especially the stalemate triggered by the National Assembly leadership election.

He has been criticized for not attending the NEC meeting in Abuja, called to resolve the National Assembly leadership crisis.

Also absent at the meeting was the former interim National Chairman of the party, Chief Bisi Akande.

A source said Akande stayed away from the meeting because the invitation reached him at about 8pm on Thursday.

Party stalwart, Senator Olabiyi Durojaiye, put the crisis rocking the party at the doorsteps of persons he described as anti-change elements, within and outside the APC.

The way out, according to him, is to recognise that there are some powerful elements that do not want the programme of change, designed by the APC, to succeed.

“So, we should look at the bigger picture and the tremendous goodwill the APC and government are enjoying nationally and internationally and not allow temptations fanned by opponents of progress and change to lure us into a crisis that may shift our attention from our laudable goal,” he said.

Meanwhile, determined to bridge the gaps in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), President Muhammadu Buhari, yesterday, met with chairmen of the party from the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in Abuja.

The meeting held behind closed doors at the conference hall of the First Lady’s office for about an hour.

President Buhari urged the APC state chairmen and other political leaders in the country to keep to prescribed legal processes for the resolution of political disputes and never resort to violence, criminality and other forms of unacceptable behavior in seeking redress for any perceived injustice. He also called on the state chairmen to work with the party’s elected officials to ensure the APC delivers on its promise of better living conditions for all Nigerians.

In a statement by the President’s spokesman, Femi Adesina, Buhari assured Nigerians that all cases of alleged intimidation and political harassment and kidnappings of Nigerians would be investigated and thoroughly dealt with, and perpetrators brought to justice, irrespective of their status in the society.

“At every point, the law must be supreme and everyone must respect the law, if our democratic system is to survive. Injustice cannot survive for long. Justice will ultimately prevail. We will make sure that those saddled with the responsibility of ensuring justice and equity do not rest on their oars.

“The only way we can sustain our democracy is ensure that the law remains supreme at all times. If the law is upheld, people will have confidence that they can vote for who they want to vote for, without intimidation or threats. People must have protection to exercise their rights freely or we could be headed for anarchy. 

“The police and the judiciary must ensure that justice is done in the country. We won’t allow impunity to continue in certain states, where the rights of the people are being violated. I have a personal commitment to fair play and respect of personal rights. This government will do all that is possible to enforce that.”

The spokesman for the chairmen, Alhaji Umaru Doguwa, who is chairman of the APC in Kano State, said contrary to insinuations by the opposition, Buhari has actually hit the ground running, taking steps to bring back the lost glory of governance.

He said the chairmen were satisfied with the APC Federal Government and said those accusing the government of motionlessness were doing so out of mischief.

In a related development, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has described as laughable insinuations by some people that he and some All Progressives Congress (APC) members in the House are planning to defect from the party to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

A statement issued by his Special Adviser on Media and Public Affairs Turaki Adamu Hassan, yesterday said the Speaker made this known when he received APC state party chairmen in his office yesterday.

Dogara said: “I want to discountenance this very ludicrous and laughable discussions that some of us in the House are conniving with some people, so that we can defect. Only a fool will believe that.

“We have toiled day and night. We control the government at the centre, and in our states. (Should we) then park and move to a house we deserted before? It is even unthinkable and unimaginable that someone will even make such assertions.”

Dogara also gave assurance that the APC will overcome the current crisis saying: “We have been through a lot. But, obviously, it is expected, as it is a new party. We are beginning to know ourselves. It is expected that from the beginning we will have some kind of friction. But those frictions cannot consume us. And like vehicles, from the frictions, we can gather the traction we need to move forward. And I guess that is one reason why we are here today.”

The Speaker said although he agrees that the party is supreme, absolute sovereignty and supremacy rest with the people.

He said: “It is my deepest conviction as a student of democracy. I know that democracy is loosely defined as government of the people by the people and for the people. In actual fact, sovereignty in a democratic regime belongs to the people. The government is for the people and the party too is for the people.”

According to the Speaker, “absolute supremacy must be anchored on the sovereignty of our people because if we don’t pursue the interest of our people, you can guarantee the fact that sooner than later there may be no APC.”

Still on the leadership crisis in the National Assembly, some senators drummed support for the peace initiative by the President.
Immediate past chairman of the Senate Committee on Rules and Business, Solomon Ita Enang, said: “I want Mr. President and all the parties in this matter to please come in because he (Buhari) is the Commander-in-Chief who commands the Armed Forces and the political forces. Let him come in and intervene as a leader. Let him just lift his hands and say, ‘peace be still’ and then put the House and everybody back together.

“Nigerians respected him and voted for him. He will be sure that Nigerians and the legislature, all the aggrieved sides, will listen to him and abide by whatever he says. 

“He should also take steps to make sure that no leader of the party makes statements that incite one section against the other because this is how the PDP problem also started. Let us have one APC, one Nigeria and one government under President Buhari.”

Also speaking, Senator Mao Ohuabunwa of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) representing Abia North ‎Senatorial District said ‎the time has come to forget about all issues relating to the election of presiding officers and concentrate only on matters that could promote good governance and peace in the country.

Deputy Majority Leader of the Senate, Senator Bala Ibn Na’Allah, had in an interview with journalists in Abuja, suggested that all external influences particularly those capable of destroying the peace process be curtailed.

Na’Allah said: “Let me say that we do not have a crisis in the Senate. What we have are disagreements between our colleagues, senators, on how certain things should be done. When you have a crisis, then, you are talking about reconciliation; but when you have a disagreement, it is not about reconciliation, it is about sorting out the matter based on what all of us believe in.

“The happy thing about it is that there is not a single senator in both groups, who does not believe in the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerian as (they relate) to the Senate. So, it is going to be a very simple issue to settle, provided the external influence cease for the time being.” ‎

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  • Olusesan Adio

    Buhari is a typical Hausa Fulani He want the North to dominate the affairs of his Government whereas he will bring end to the nation

  • olu

    What about every ‘electd officials’ step aside and allow new election be conducted with all the interested Senators(in the Senate) and representatives (in the House of Representatives) with others slugging it out and whosoever emerge as duly elected be made the presiding officials of both Houses

    • Greg Odiong

      The present presiding officers will still win that was why the leaders of the party wanted to impose Lawan as the only candidate because they were afraid of losing on the floor of the assembly if election was conducted

  • Artful ºDodger

    Igbos, i hope you have heard, Tinubu did not attend because he was not invited, he is not even a member of the NEC. It is not because anyone want to spite him or the Yorubas like many of you have gladly and wrongly concluded.

    • Fuzio

      Why do you have to start your post with “Igbos”? What have Igbos got to do with the travails of your drug dealing hero? I did not make this up. Google “Nigerian Pres’ Svengali”. You tend to see the invissible hands of the Igbos in every misfortune that befalls you or your people. I did not know that the Igbos are this powerful.

      • Artful ºDodger

        In your dreams you might be powerful but i find you disgusting especially in your wannabe attitudes. If you are not claiming Jews today you are busy attaching yourself to the SS shamelessly. Since Clueless was kicked out of office, you have flooded every known medias with your hate campaign against Tinubu and the Yorubas as you in your weirdness and treachery as usual try to attach yourself to the SS while trying mischievousness to divide the country with your greed and hate for mankind.

        • Fuzio

          It is more rational to claim to have descended from Jews that claim that I descended from heaven on a ladder. What a fairy tale. Even a 1 year old will not buy that account of your history.

        • Fuzio

          I thought your people claim that Igbos are traders. Where did they get the time to invade the media? Uneducated people cannot invade the ‘media’. You continue to contradict yourselves with every utterance or written sentence. It is only a fool that celebrates victory at the beginning of the competition. Buhari has just started his regime. At this stage in GEJ’s administration, the cabinet was almost in place. Since Buhari took over, what has changed for the better? Boko Haram is still slaughtering people. More workers are not getting paid, Naira has continued to slide. Tinubu lied to the country they APC would hit the road running from day one. It is now going to 50 days, nothing. So it is way too early for you to start calling the game.

      • Yorubaronu

        Your shameful anti-Yoruba campaign is legendary and we shall continue to deal with you with suspicion in the south west. We gave your forebears lands to settle and your yeye attitude of begging for space has now come to this now.
        No wonder you can not do more than to lie your way through any situation and shout ‘marginalisation’ at any given opportunity. Yesterday it was Awolowo and Abiola you hated so much , today it is Tinubu, just pure hate and jealousy, what do you want with Yoruba? why can’t you face your masters in the North and settle your differences ones and for all, they are your superiors.
        As time goes on you will relocate, children of hate. You hate anything Nigeria, you even hate federal government departments on your forbidden lands but you like to take your dodgy businesses to other people’s lands. Others may take in to your yeye attitude but mark my words, Yoruba will never give in to your blackmail together with your Yoruba paymasters who are sabotaging Yoruba cause within Nigeria project.
        If you are worried with complex that is you headache Yoruba dey well well.
        For your information Tinubu you hate so much is just one out of millions of smart and well informed Yoruba please live with that if you can. Just my take.

        • Fuzio

          Your post reads to me like satire. Every thing you wrote is an accurate depiction of the state of Yorubas today. For a whole Yoruba race to elevate a known drug dealer to the status of their leader is beyond ignoble. He can be a Yoruba leader but he can not try to exert influence beyond the SW. Who are the people playing servant to the North today? Osibajo is traveling all over the place at his masters bidding. Trust me the North will never allow what happened to Yar’dua to repeat itself ever again. If that is what Tinubu and co are praying for then I have bad news for him.
          Igbos don’t wake up every morning thinking about the Yorubas. But from your posts and that of your wayfarers I can see that you think the Igbo’s are your number one problem.

    • Delta_Quagmire

      To prefix your drivel with Igbos is by itself irresponsible. We are not behind Tinubu’s travails in APC. Your gambit is immature and reprehensible. Sort woes out with your Fulani feudal lords.

      • Yorubaronu

        Your reasoning is immature, did you read that Tinubu not a member of NEC, didn’t you? You disgust me with your stupid assumption. If you can not think better park by the road side and watch. You got it all wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself. Are you not a permanent slave? can you ever finish paying the debt you are owning the North? look at the person in deep hole trying to step on the ladder. You need more than goodluck to do it.

    • ALANI

      Ha ha ha, another Afonja in the trap of another foolani. Tinubu will soon get the full onslaught of his miscalculations. If he is not careful he will be imprisoned at best and as for the Vice President he’s will be a lame duck.
      You don’t have to be a Professor of Yoruba history to see this coming.

    • ALANI

      Time we tell. No hurry, wait and see the full play. it’s game over for Tunubu and his men.
      Sai Buhari.

  • vic





  • New Nigerian

    Every relationships go through forming, storming and norming phases. What is happening to APC is normal and the party should come off stronger – the focus should be the mandate Nigerians gave. Every member of the party would be fine if they focus on this mandate for the interest of the masses. Those that short change the masses – in approach and outcome – would live to regret it, if in doubt ask PDP.

  • The Realist

    Office of the first lady?I thought that didn’t exist anymore?na wa for this CHANGE oh!nothing has CHANGED AT ALL!!

  • broseeh

    who is deceiving who. Earlier it was reproted that Tinubu could not come because he was afraid they might rubbish him .so stop deceiving us