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Blake Lively Answers 73 Fun Questions With Vogue

Blake Lively is one TV sweetheart you can’t really help but fall in love with. With an amazing personal style and equally great acting skills, she’s simply irresistible.

So this super smart wife and mother had a quick meet up with a Vogue representative whom we don’t get to see, for a series of back to back questions which she answered like the answers were rehearsed. I mean, there’s no way she would have seen those questions prior to the interview.

Answering the questions was obviously fun for her as she never hesitated to rub in our faces how in love with her actor husband, Ryan Reynolds she is and also how much of a lovely childhood she had.

It’s your turn to enjoy and know 73 more things about Blake Lively that you didn’t know.


Source: vogue.com

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