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Short Films by Nigerian Directors

We are quick to forget that apart from movies, we also have short films; movies between 20 – 30 mins. Even though they are not a big deal here in Nigeria, there are several short films from Nollywood directors floating on the internet. We have complied a list of the best of the best short films of Nigerian origin.


The Encounter by Tolu Ajayi

short movies

Set before Biafra fell during the Nigeria-Biafra Civil War, this short film focuses on a conversation between late Emmanuel Arinze Ifeajuna and general Chukwuemeka Ojukwu. The film paints a moment that seems to be lost in history and it captures it well.


Oblivious by Stanlee Ohikuare

short movies

This short film was adapted from a short story about marriage and how people can be ‘oblivious’ to what is happening around them. There is no way of explanting this movie without spoiling it but just know it will make you look around your life, evaluate your relationships and do more about the people you care about


Big Man by Julius Onah

 short movies

This short film is all about the decisions children make and the consequences of those actions. It looks at the relationship between Uzoma and his younger brother, Chize. One of his reckless decisions leads to an accident that changed his perspective on things. The film is heart warming and educational for kids.


Beyond Plain Sight by Joseph A. Adesunloye

beyond plain sight

Set in the UK, this film takes us into the life of an ordinary young black man, who goes about his activities as normal as can be but hides a huge secret back home. From the plot of the movie, we realize that this boy is psychopath that blends easily into society with a wall of victims with destinies unknown.


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