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Naked gets world premiere date at Durban Filmfest

Jean-Pierce Bekolo

Jean-Pierce Bekolo

Naked, the new film by provocative Director, Jean-Pierre Bekolo will premiere at the ongoing Durban International Film Festival. The festival opened on June 16 and would run until June 26. However, Bekolo’s Naked will screen at Musgrave 1 today, June 19 in the African futurist feature segment of the festival, while other movies to be screened will be at Musgrave 1 and The Playhouse Company on June 21 and June 24 respectively.

Produced by Marc Nekaitar and directed by Bekolo who also handled the screen play, the 62 minutes movie which is listed as a Cameroonian production, revolves round Wanita who leaves home one morning, not knowing that her first prayer to her own ancestors has started her journey to the Dimsi, the earth you can’t see unless you are allowed to. Wanita could not figure out that her journey was blinded by her other self, her desire to be someone else. It is 150 years from now in a time when African cities have grown into one big metropolis.

Operating in a world controlled by the immortals who had taken over our whole being, Wanita was the only one who could save us. She was the first of a new generation of the human race that was not just working at a job. She was working towards fulfilling her mission according to her DNA instructions but someone else had infiltrated her DNA, this is why she could not hear our calling. The movie which is completely in English, features notable screen and off screen faces like Weza Da Silva, Luthuli Dlamini, Akin Omotoso, Fabian Lojede, Tyanda Myeza, and Emily Phepheng.

Reputed to have a filmography that is made up of bold and unconventional works, Bekolo’s mockumentary The President which premiered during FESPACO 2013 at the Goethe Institut of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso was banned and has remained banned in his home country Cameroon as a result of the movies challenging content. Its content is believed to be too critical of the government of President Paul Biya. The film essentially dares the status quo in Cameroon and challenges the sit tight syndrome of the present leadership of Cameroon. Bekolo has also made another political satire Les Saignantes, or The Bleeders, which is a bold statement on corruption in Cameroon.

The Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) is a yearly film festival that takes place in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa. The festival is in its 37th edition.