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Who Would You Be If You Were Born Into A Different Religion?

Don’t go ahead and answer the question directly. Think about it first.

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If you had been born and raised into a different religion, would you have later on (of your own free will) changed to the religion you believe in now? For example you are a Christian, if you had been born into a Muslim/Buddhist/Atheist family and society, would you still eventually develop a belief in the Christian faith? Why or why not?

Sometimes, we refuse to question the things in our lives that affect us deeply, and it is understandable that we may be too afraid to risk upsetting the powers that be or too scared to challenge what we have believed in for so long. However, tough questions like this can help you open your mind.

A lot of people think that they would most likely have followed the religion that they were brought up in, depending on the circumstances surrounding their societies. Sociology demonstrates that people tend to believe whatever other people around them believe, so even if I feel drawn toward a certain religion, it is probably just because a lot of people around me believe it, and you watch them practise these beliefs frequently. Culture creates belief, and religion can be described by the need to think alike. But really, what parts of your belief do you think are shaped by your religion?

This remains a tough question to answer though, because we cannot say for sure what would happen if one little thing changed in our lives. What if your mother had woken up with a runny stomach the day that she first met your father, would they never have met? Think about this for a moment and share your thoughts.

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