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The Internet Goes Wild As T.J. Miller Joins The List Of Sexual Predators

Whether its Silicon Valley, The Emoji Movie or the more recent Deadpool T.J Miller has had an impressive career so far. Sadly, the curly-haired sidekick to the “Merc with a mouth”– Deadpool– has earned a spot on the list of sexual offenders in Hollywood.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Disclaimer: Some of the incidents described below might be too graphic for some people.

According to what she told The Daily Beast, Sarah and T.J. Miller started a consensual relationship in 2001 while attending George Washington University and joining the same comedy troupe. One night which having sex, he shook her violently and punched her in the mouth without warning.

This incident caused a fractured tooth and a bloody lip and although she had been drunk the night before, she said the memory of the incident remained.

After this incident, she continued seeing him after asking him about the incident and he claimed she fell down when she was drunk. In another sexual encounter, she said he was choking her so hard that her neighbours had to come to see if she was fine because of the sounds she was making.

The roommates at the time were questioned and they claimed to hear banging and loud violent noises but when they asked if she was okay, she said “I don’t know” or signalled “Yes”.

After they left, Sarah claims Miller continued assaulting her by anally penetrating her with both his penis and a bottle.

Miller strongly denied the accusations yesterday with his wife, Kate Gorney, on Instagram. They claimed that Sarah “was asked to leave our university comedy group because of worrisome and disturbing behaviour” and that she was obsessed with their relationship.

Regardless of whether it’s true or false, this news has the world enraged and fans of the actor/comedian went to Twitter to speak on the incident.

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