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ASOS Site Down Following BREXIT

The #BREXIT has created a lot of buzz in all sectors of life as we know it. Heavily affected is the world of fashion as we know it as some people are screaming their heads off in joy and sadness. Following the results of the EU Referendum, the Pound Sterling currency has dropped and the go-to-site Asos is down.

Now the two events might be totally unrelated, but top fashion site and app Asos known for it’s affordable prices crashed last night, and as of this morning they still aren’t working.


We are of the assumption that Nigerians and all other fashion lovers all over the world have decided to use the bad news of BREXIT and the devaluation of the Pound to put a smile on their wardrobe.

What do you think? Did the Pounds exchange rate cause this or is Asos just having an off day?

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