Charges against us are ‘trumped up’, says Saraki

R-L: Senate President Abubakar Bukola Saraki, and his Deputy , Ike Ekweremadu at the Federal High Court, Abuja, for alleged forgery of Senate Rule. PHOTO: GBEMIGA OLAMIKAN

R-L: Senate President Abubakar Bukola Saraki, and his Deputy , Ike Ekweremadu at the Federal High Court, Abuja, for alleged forgery of Senate Rule. PHOTO: GBEMIGA OLAMIKAN

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki, has described the charges of criminal conspiracy and the forgery of the Senate Standing Rules document brought against him and his deputy,  Senator Ike Ekweremadu, as ‘trumped up.’

“It is farcical to allege that a criminal act occurred during Senate procedural actions and the mere suggestion demonstrates a desperate overreach by the office of the Attorney General,” Saraki said in a statement on Monday after appearing before a Federal High Court in Abuja along with Ekweremadu, former clerk of the National Assembly, Alhaji Salisu Abubakar Maikasuwa and his deputy, Mr. Benedict Efeturi.

“These trumped up charges is only another phase in the relentless persecution of the leadership of the Senate.”

Saraki said he believed a set of a people within the government were out to persecute him.

“However, what has become clear is that there is now a government within the government of President Buhari who have seized the apparatus of Executive powers to pursue their nefarious agenda.”

The senate president said the charges brought against him and his deputy by the office of the Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF) did not serve a national interest and were capable of undermining the working relationship between the Senate and the Executive. The charges were also a clear violation of Separation of Powers, he said.

“This latest onslaught on the Legislature represents a clear and present danger to the democracy Nigerians fought hard to win and preserve. The suit filed on behalf of the Federal government suggests that perhaps some forces in the Federal Republic have not fully embraced the fact that the Senate’s rules and procedures govern how the legislative body adjudicates and resolves its own disputes.

“Let it be abundantly clear, both as a citizen and as a foremost Legislator, I will continue to rise above all the persecution and distraction that have been visited on me. In the words of Martin Luther King Junior, “the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at a time of challenge and controversy”.

“I will remain true and committed to the responsibilities that my citizenship and my office impose on me. Without a doubt, the highest of those responsibilities is the steadfast refusal to surrender to the subversion of our democracy and the desecration of the Senate. This is a cross I am prepared to carry.

“If yielding to the nefarious agenda of a few individuals who are bent on undermining our democracy and destabilising the Federal government to satisfy their selfish interests is the alternative to losing my personal freedom, let the doors of jails be thrown open and I shall be a happy guest.”

  • Tayo Patriot

    Criminal acts can occur in the course of executive, judiciary or legislative duty. Such criminal acts can not be overlooked under the guise of independence of any of these arms.

  • vic



    Saraki & his shameful poetic effort.I can only express my gratitude to God in advance for his magnanimity in providing Nigeria wit a scape goat of his calibre to serve as deterrent to potential others.

    • Osondu

      Today is election in the senate. The president calls for a meeting. Half of the members who do not respect Nigeria constitution went to answer the call by president. But few law-abiding citizen went to defend the constitution and all the election into the office of senate president and deputy senate president has been conducted. The duos emerged and now are being charged for forgery. Look at this, if the president has Nigeria at heart, he would had waited for the election to be conducted before introducing another meeting at the government house. That is why the economy has gone total collapse in the hand of a president who sought for power by all means and has gotten the power. Use your power to benefit usooooooh and not to islamize us please. There is a sound of bomb all over the country and a break-up is calling. Those with short-sightedness and hypnotized will always make noise and say what they are not supposed to say. Remember that whatever that is happening in Nigeria today is the act of God to keep this nation/break the nation. All the idle words that men speak shall be given account of. Fear God.

      • Osondu

        If say evil against the president, you will be linked to arms deal of Dasuki. I fear a draconian ruler; since some can be stabbed for not fasting at Ramadan. One day may of us will be forced to dress islamic way. God help usoooooh

  • Francis

    Why is the federal government involved in this matter ? This should be house members matter and not another arm of government.This government should devote their time in the recovery of the stolen loot and putting the economy right because the economy is bad and very biting.The house members should take care of this very issue themselves.

    • BM

      People like you is the reason why this country is in this present state.

  • BM

    Saraki is only trying to create a soft Kuje prison landing for himself. Prison is not a place where any responsible person will want to get admitted into; not even for 1 hour.