Ekweremadu writes UN, U.S., EU over forgery trial



AGF to appear before senate tomorrow

Worried about the implications of the alleged forgery of Senate standing rules, Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, has written to ‎the United Nations, European Union, United States’ Congress, European Union Parliament, governments of United States, United Kingdom and other foreign missions, alerting them of imminent threat to Nigeria’s democracy.‎

‎Ekweremadu raised the alarm over what he described as attempt to truncate Nigeria’s democracy and “silence him as the leader and highest ranking member of the opposition in the country, all in the name of prosecuting an alleged forgery case.”

In a two-page letter, titled: “Re: Trumped Up Charges Against the Presiding Officers of the 8th Senate: Nigerian Democracy is in Grave Danger,” Ekweremadu, attached copies of the court summons and other relevant documents relating to the matter.

He urged the international community, to after a thorough perusal of the facts before them, decide whether or not the trial was justified, or one purely borne out of political vendetta.

He insisted that neither his name nor that of the President of the Senate, featured either in the petition by the aggrieved members of the Senate Unity Forum (SUF), or during the investigation of the petition by the police.

Ekweremadu further urged them to judge “whether this unfolding scenario, coupled with the clampdown on the opposition, such as targeted arrests and indefinite detention of opposition figures and dissenting voices, in spite of court pronouncements and in clear violation of the Nigerian constitution, as well as the sustained marginalisation of the South-East and South-South geopolitical zones of Nigeria, does not constitute a grave danger to the nation’s hard-won democracy.”

“I also wish to appeal to you to kindly find time to read through the annexures- petition by members of the Senate Unity Forum, statements by persons interrogated and the police report, to see if our names appeared anywhere in these documents.

He urged them to determine “whether the Federal Government, acting through the Attorney-General of the Federation, has any justification whatsoever to generate our names for trial.

“Moreover, the rules and principles of fair hearing have not been adhered to because the police have not interacted with me or the president of the senate as at the time of writing this letter,” he added.

Ekweremadu also cited the attempt made on his life on November 17, 2015, for which the Nigerian security agencies did nothing, even though the incident was duly reported.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, is expected to appear before the Senate Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Matters, on Thursday, to explain why he took the senate leadership to court.

The minister’s appearance is sequel to last week’s resolution, following a motion sponsored by Dino Melaye (APC, Kogi West) titled, “Imminent Threat to Our Democracy.”

A letter from the Senate Committee, inviting the AGF, which was circulated to journalists, stated that the latter was to appear before in his alleged involvement in the suit.

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  • Afolayan Babatunde Felix

    I trust them, those Organization they won’t even make comments or come into the matter.
    This is Domestic issue
    He was just writing to fool himself
    Individual countries of those organizations has/ had similar issues.
    They have also experience similar issue

  • Corinthian

    Why leave out ECOWAS, OAU? Maybe you need to address a copy to Russia, Isreal and N.Korea.

  • Oha El General

    God will see Nigeria through

  • bolly issy

    shameless idiot the people you wrote wont allow forgery to exit in there cabinet talking of making person like you to be in senate

  • Ladejo

    This Ape thinks the people he wrote are as stupid as he is.I wonder why he is not wearing that masquerade attire he put on at the court to the senate daily.

  • Daniel Dalon

    I am quite happy that Ekweramadu has taken this noble step to write to these great nations over how he and his boss are being unfairly targetted. It’s not right simply because some people do not want these senate leaders in the senate they are being witch hunted. The UN, the US and the EU are great countries and institutions and have been known in the past to deal fairly with their citizens. They will give Ekweramadu great advice which I urge him to follow. In the UN, US and EU they usually advise their leaders with unjust cases to resign their appointments so that they will clear their names. I hope Ekweramadu will prove that he is a man of honour and follow the advice that will be given by the EU, US and EU.

  • The Honourable Deputy Senate President is a lawmaker of repute. He is in the Senate to enact laws that would affect over 170 million Nigerians, including himself. He has been arraignment in Abuja High Court with the Senate President, Bukola Saraki and others for alleged forgery of 2015 Senate Standing Rules. If a competent judge of the High Court has deemed that they have a case to answer by not striking off the case, how would that constitute grave danger to our democracy? Has the Deputy Senate President forgotten that democracy flourishes where the rule of law reigns supreme and criminality adjudged no matter whose ox is gored? Why is he writing to the world leader when he and other are faces criminal cases of forgery that is in the High Court? In those countries he has written to, none of their leaders from the Presidency to lawmakers would make the grievous mistake of attempting to pervert the course of justice. Never. It is imperative that the Deputy Senate President and his alleged forgers realise that the only thing that could truncate Nigeria’s nascent democracy is where lawlessness substitutes the Rule of Law and those entrusted with upholding the Rule of Law become laws unto themselves, at the detriment of the rest of the society.

    • gbeminiyi

      I applaud you sir

    • M1



    Has any action been this laughable in recent times?None that I can recall!Does Ekweremadu appreciate what makes a nation SOVEREIGN?if the accused names weren’t categorically mentioned in the complaint & investigation,who were the beneficiaries of the forgery?was it me?or perhaps Guardian editor-in-chief?He only reminds me of Chief Zebrudaya,alias 4:30,i’m laughing my soul out at the moment!

  • Jacob Chile

    Internal affairs of the Senate but external affairs of Nigeria as a sovereign State. Gosh! Ekwe, Ekwe, Ekwe!! Kaiii!!! Left or Right,?

  • The list should start with
    US government
    US congress
    EU parliament.

    It is undemocratic to marginalise God in a democratic setting. God should be the first to receive such literary brief but as usual naija politician don marginalise am.

    Dearis God oooh!

  • KK

    One problem with corruption is that it reduces the reasoning ability of those involved. This senator showed the degree of depreciation that has taken place in his reasoning ability by taking what he called the internal affairs of the senate to other sovereign nations to decide! At this age! Instead of doing the honorable thing, he and his co-accused continue to employ the old tactics of delaying legal process using flimsy and lame excuses like this to avoid prosecution. They should wake up to the reality that they are just as the ordinary man on the street, whose tax pays their salaries. And as ordinary citizens, they too are answerable to the law of the land. They should go to court and clear their names instead of wasting time and hard earned resources.

  • peaceman

    Mr Twitter, your reaction shows how bias you are. A man who lacks knowledge of how national assembly and its counterparts overseas works. You talk as if Nigeria is an island unto herself. Sovereign indeed. For 16yrs Nigerian worked very hard and made sacrifices to preserve this democracy only for an Islamic party like apc would want to destroy it.

    • eagleswing

      “16 years of the locust”

  • akinola olusegun

    corruption is what is killing nigeria. http://www.healthremedy247.blogspot.com

  • Tunampa

    Pls NASS, do a referendum to vote yourself out of power. bunch of wasteful expenditure and looking for impunity to even keep all ill gotten wealth. #ABOLISH NASS TODAY

  • Du Covenant

    What a joke!, did this man write these organisations raising alarm that all resources meant for the Nigerian people is being stolen away and shared by his party members?. Democratically elected individuals are expected to positively impact on the lives of the majority of their fellow citizens. Has this fundamental principle been adhered to during the last 16 yrs in Nigeria for democracy to be strengthened?. As usual very selfish and egocentric!. Democracy is not only about you and your cohorts, it is also about each and evry citizen of Nigeria.

  • Victor Aluko

    Senate President and Deputy Senate Present should have resigned honorably. Help me tell Mr. Ekweremadu that If someone in their capacity In the civilized world was alleged of similar offence, the person would have resigned rather than writing letters to the world. They should follow good example of those in Western world and throw in the towel.