Rotary International, District 9110 celebrates Rotary Day


AS part of the campaign for Nigerians to stay healthy, Rotary International District 9110, comprising Lagos and Ogun states, has stressed the importance of hand washing in spite of the country’s feat of defeating the dreaded Ebola scourge.

   This was made known while marking the 110 years of Rotary International service to humanity at the Rotary Centre, GRA, Ikeja, as the organization has announced that it is incorporating the hand washing campaign into the anniversary celebrations to preach the gospel of preventing diarrhea, cough, running nose, among other infections that could be contacted through dirty hands. 

   According to the District Governor, Dr. Dele Balogun, the major goal of Rotary International, which it has been pursing these past 110 years, is to ensure peace and comfort for the human race in the world and this could only be accomplished through sound health.

   “Today, we are celebrating the Rotary Day and at the same time marking 110 years of Rotary service to humanity. We are seizing this occasion to demonstrate a very easy way of preventing infections through hand washing exercise. We have gone through it methodically, stage by stage, showing how you wet your hand before washing and how you also apply soap.

   “Washing of hand starts from the wrist to the different parts of the hand including the back of the hand, each of the fingers, the palm, in-between the nails and behind the nails, from one hand to the other. It takes about 60 seconds to successfully wash the hand and the hand that is best washed is done under running water, using either liquid or bathing soap.   

   “You rinse your hand, after which you use a clean tissue paper to dry the hand and you then lock the tap with the tissue paper and dispose of the tissue paper. For those using handkerchief, you lock the tap with the handkerchief and you move on. 

   “In the event whereby there is no water, hand sanitizer could be used. Hand sanitizer is useful when you have dirt that are not visible, otherwise, an obviously soiled hand cannot be cleansed with the hand sanitizer,” he said.

   Balogun disclosed that the best time to wash the hand should be before and after event or contact with someone, adding that hand washing is a simple way to prevent diseases.

   “It is, therefore, very important that you stay very healthy when you are carrying this message to your home, children, crèche where you drop your children and to the schools where your wards attend. It is a very important exercise in your office, in your home, in the school and even on the playground,” he emphasised. 

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