February Rainfalls Not Abnormal, Says NIMET


AS the rain started to fall heavily, the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) has allayed the fears   of Nigerians, who are   worried about the early rainfall as a sign of looming disaster. 

 In mid February, some states like Lagos, Nasarawa, and Uyo among others experienced rainfalls, a situation, which had jolted some people.  

Speaking with The Guardian on the issue, acting Head of Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) Lagos Office, Mr. Francis Adefuye, a meteorologist, stated that there was nothing threatening about the February rainfalls that had occurred in Lagos and some other parts   of Nigeria. 

  The meteorologists explained that the rainfalls were normal, adding that the agency would soon release rain forecast   for the year with   the   aim of informing farmers and flood control experts about the weather condition this year. 

Adefuye explained:  “The February rainfalls are not abnormal. “The onset   of rainfall in coastal areas, including Lagos is between February and March. If you consider the plus or minus two weeks that we normally give, you can start having rainfalls   from middle of February to early March.  The   rainfall we are witnessing now is more or less part of the onset   of rainfall. It is not abnormal. Sometimes, we have rainfalls that are before February. Even rains sometimes fall in January. I will not agree that this year’s rains are abnormal. 

 He, however, warn farmers not to start planting until the agency release its annual rainfall forecast for the year. Adefuye said: “There is no particular set date for rainfall. We are not having the current rainfalls in either in January nor in December, but in February. The first day of the rainfall does not actually mean that day is   the onset date for rainfall. There are some other observations between   the first rainfall and the subsequent rainfalls to know   the onset date. Sometimes we could have a false onset   where the rainfalls come in but only to be followed by a dry sphere of seven days when there would not be   rainfall.  We assume in that instance that the first rain that fell is not part   of onset. The moment we have the first rainfall and subsequently there is no dry days, we then assume that the onset has started. We will not advise any farmer to start planting until we have released our forecast for the year.”

He said the date   for the year’s   rainfall will be released between the first and second week   of March. 

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