Senator wants corruption ‘legalised and liberalised’

A Nigerian senator has asked the country’s senate to legalise corruption, in spite of it being one of the major problems confronting one of Africa’s largest economies.

Senator Yele Omogunwa (APC-Ondo South) spoke during plenary on Wednesday while contributing to the upper chamber’s debate on the 2017 budget.

Noting that pass federal budgets have had little or no impacts on the Nigerian people because of pervasive corruption, the senator stated that legalising and liberalising it would be better.

Omogunwa was elected a senator on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) but defected to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in November 2016, a party that kicked out PDP from the centre owing, in part, to its campaign promise to stamp out corruption.

But President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption drive has left many dissatisfied. On Tuesday, Senator Shehu Sani (APC-Kaduna Central) accused the president of being selective in his anti-graft campaign. The president, earlier this week, showed support for two of his top officials accused of corruption.

By clearing the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) Babachir Lawal and the acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) Ibrahim Magu of all allegations levelled against them by the Senate, Senator Sani said Buhari had prepared “a funeral service of the anti-corruption war”.

Sani was the chairman of the ad hoc committee that investigated and indicted the SGF.

“It is unfortunate that we have a political atmosphere where you have a saintly and angelic presidency and a devilish and evil society. We must in every respect fight corruption within the kitchen as we do in the veranda; if we don’t do that, then we are being hypocritical,” he said.

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  • emmanuel Azodoh

    after prolong fight against corruption you are asking for its legalization and liberation this is satanic you gradually telling Nigerians your mission

    • Andrew Okobah

      You have failed to read between the lines. He was only being sarcastic.

  • Uwaoma, Chigozie

    APC! APC!! APC!!! party of criminals…

    • yinka

      Which party you dey? PDP or AP whatever.

      • Uwaoma, Chigozie

        Good governance is my party…

  • Ambesi Polycarp Neba

    According to this report the senator through time travel has defected in anticipation of date of defection to come in the future. Sorry for confusing some persons. How could he have defected in 2017, September when we have not even entered the month of February. Newspaper editors should sit up. As for corruption being legalized, I think the senator is helpless in the face of the hypocrisy in fighting corruption. He is being sarcastic

    • Jerrey

      Read well sir. It says November 2016 and not 2017

  • Izeobor

    Halleluya! Maybe this “senator” does not understand the meaning of “corruption” to ask for its “legalization”. “Ndia egbuo ndia”.
    Another “Barkin Zuwo!” As a matter of fact, his CV should be checked to make sure he was not a graduate of Jankara market with forged credentials based on the thinking of this supposed senator.

  • aderibgbe48

    My dear God, I was born in Nigeria and I woke-up today, when I saw this topic: “Senator wants corruption ‘legalized and liberalized’ (Guardian 25, 2017) – I hope this is not true. God No. Please, Baba God wake me up from my sleep. It got to be fake-media report.

  • aderibgbe48

    You can see the reason why I called this report a fake-media report. We should be very careful of what we read online and paper. Some media just want to inject a topic for discussion why they are bring our country to international disgrace. Read through the line of the report says, ” Omogunwa was elected a senator on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) but defected to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in November 2017, a party that kicked out PDP from the centre owing to its campaign promise to stamp out corruption.”
    Defected=2017=It’s our media primary function to read and edit any news before posted online. I am reading this news from way far from Nigeria= Guardian, Tonye Bakare must be suspended for days= Even, his name was spelled wrong= It’s Toye not Tonye.

    • John Onimisi Ogedengbe

      How are you reading your own? What we are seeing is November 2016 and Tonye was spelt well! ??

  • real

    WHAT? only in Nigeria.

  • Psi Ciroma

    Okay…. Stealing is NOT Corruption

    This is APCs Version

  • Casmir Nnaemeka

    Don’t mind that Omogunwa does he think his office is a child’s play ground

  • Jerrey

    It’s sarcasm people. Sarcasm!!!. That’s why it’s in quotes. Sighs*

  • Dennis Onakinor

    Most Nigerians cannot comprehend Sarcasm. So sad!!!

  • Ukachukwu Chinonso

    Post Post

  • peter archibong

    self deceivers…mayb you all are just waking up into the reality of the rot you wasted all your political lives to build and named nigeria – i think that name has proved to be a highly gross misfit for this forced fraudulent union of your concept