Carter got it wrong on Jesus and gays

letterSIR: I find it appalling, to read a statement credited to statesmen who should skirt around issues that bother on ‘disorderly orientations,’ but choose to revel in the illogic of endorsing same and worse when they quote highly regarded religious people whose stances on morality, ‘natural order of things,’ are immeasurable, whose conscience was so high – enough to promote only the, ‘natural order of things,’ set by the Almighty Creator.

‘I believe Jesus would approve gay marriage,’ a statement credited to former President Jimmy Carter, is not only embarrassing to the founders of the United States of America, Christians worldwide but to Jimmy Carter himself, especially since he identifies as a born-again.

Here is a statesman who could not remember that Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of homosexuality, worse yet, as a Christian, could not cite a portion of the Bible to defend his blackmail of Jesus. Like Carter, the founding fathers of the United were all Christians who elected not to be bigots, to promote ‘order,’ in the society and not ‘disorder.’

Some are quoted here, “If I could conceive that the general government might ever be so administered as to render the liberty of conscience insecure, I beg you will be persuaded, that no one would be more zealous than myself to establish effectual barriers against the horrors of spiritual tyranny, and every species of religious persecution.”

George Washington wrote in a letter to the United Baptist Chamber of Virginia (1789) “In regard to religion, mutual toleration in the different professions thereof is what all good and candid minds in all ages have ever practised, and both by precept and example inculcated on mankind.” – Samuel Adams on the Rights of the Colonists (1771).

I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people build a wall of separation between Church and State.” – Thomas Jefferson in a letter to the Danbury Baptists (1802) Tolerance of other faiths and professions, for ‘order’ in the United States was the preachments and not tolerance for ‘disorder’ by Christians.

These founding fathers prepared the way for a just democratic society where citizens wouldn’t have to assume wrongly that to be nationalistic – you have to be a Christian.

They chose the path of the more secular instructions of Jesus Christ which encourage all to be open-handed, loving one another, treating foreigners with kindness and not to embrace the ‘disorder,’ of seeking churches willing to wed gay couples as encouraged by Carter.

It is true – that homosexuality is as old as man, but it was not and has never been celebrated by Christians. Even though bursts of energies by homophobic people can’t wipe it away, it is unfitting to have a Carter link Jesus to a behaviour that genuine Christians see as depraved, perverse and not in sync with the natural order of things.

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