Adeoye: Ambode’s unfinished retirement  matter

THE  news  in  the Nigerian  Pulse  of  February  10  should  bother the citizens  of  Lagos State as  they  choose  their  governor in  the April  11  governorship  election  in  the state.  The news is that Akinwunmi  Ambode, APC  governorship  candidate  in  the state  did  not retire  voluntarily  at  the age  of  49  as claimed by  his media aides. This  is what Ambode  is  using to  flaunt his  honesty  and  integrity in  the  ongoing governorship  campaign in  the state.

    The  Nigerian  Pulse  revealed  that for  some strange  reason,  the state  former  governor went  on  to use  that incident  to  earmark Ambode  as Fashola’s  successor, a situation that  is  on course given  the emergence  of  Ambode in  Lagos politics as the anointed  candidate  of  the APC  in  the  state.  This could also explain  the initial  reluctance  of the state governor  to join  the  APC Ambode  Campaign   team  voluntarily.  

   It could also explain why  the governor chose  his own  successor  in Dapo Shashore,  a SAN  like  him who  was roundly  beaten  at  the APC  state  election primaries. It is necessary  for  the  peace  loving  people  of Lagos State to  know   how  Akinwunmi  Ambode retired  or was  retired  from   Lagos  State as  Accountant  General. Either himself or  the boss should  throw more  light  on  the matter. Lagos  State  does  not deserve  a governor who may have left public service in controversial circumstances. Did he retire voluntarily as he claimed, or was he sacked? If the latter is the case, why? The State  of Aquatic deserves transparency on the part of its aspiring governor. 

   Again,  the opportunity  presents  itself  for  Lagosians   to  rescue themselves  from  the hands  of the APC  in  power and  the way  they  have  been  seizing and  manipulating democratic  power  in  the state for  their  selfish gains,  at the expense  of the  teeming  masses  in  the state. Jimi  Agbaje, the PDP  governorship  candidate  in  the state, is the face  of  the much  needed  change  Lagos  needs in Alausa  to  bring sanity  to  the  state. Agbaje  is a well-known politician  not  tainted with  fraud and  false  claims  on retirement and  hidden  accounts. Ambode has to clear himself before  continuing  in  the  race,  or withdraw altogether  to save  his party  the APC from  any  embarrassment.

    It certainly cannot be business as usual  for  the powerful Lagos  succession machinery in the state in  this election for governor  in  Lagos State. The hand writing  is  on the wall  on this alleged retirement cover -up. Again  the  odds  are  in  favour  of  Jimi  Agbaje as

our  next  governor  in  Lagos  state under  the banner  of  the PDP. This  is  because compared with Ambode, the APC  candidate, Agbaje is sparkling clean  breath  of  fresh  air and  sanitiser for Alausa as the next Lagos State governor.

• Adeoye, a public commentator, writes from Lagos.

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