Osun’s uniform of many colours



Sir: Osun State has become one of the most controversial states in Nigeria. It is the first state in this dispensation that carved a niche for itself by owing her workers backlog of salaries. It is also the first state where a serving Governor engaged in a ‘funny act’ of dressing like junior secondary student; surprisingly the Governor didn’t dress like a student in a sharia institution. Rather he dressed in a conventional school uniform, which symbolizes formal education showing that he believes in dressing right.

It will be pertinent to say that the Governor of Osun is in tune with what happened in Lagos state in time past where the deputy Governor ensured that students wore conventional uniforms to school. Wearing of hijab or any form of covering was outlawed back then and even as I write now, this law is still in force in Lagos State.

Aregbesola once served as a commissioner in Lagos state, isn’t wisdom profitable to direct? He should borrow a leaf from Lagos state and stop this brewing religious crisis in his state. Today, his administration is at daggers drawn with the Christian Association of Nigeria in his state and the African Tradition Religion practitioners.

The threat by the Governor won’t work as their parents are also watching. Don’t forget that someone made those religious uniforms for them. Politicians and administrators much eschew the game of religious politics and patronage; giving undue advantage to a certain religion not minding the faith of others will turn the state upside-down.

If Muslim students must wear their religious regalia to school then the Christians should also wear their white robes while African traditional religion practitioners in the state can also bring along dress like the priest of Sango to school.

We are anticipating the unveiling of masquerades in Osun. Nigerians will be entertained with an absurd festival.

• Nnamdi Abana,

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