U.S: A country of opportunities and possibilities

Hillary Clinton.  J.D. Pooley/Getty Images/AFP

Hillary Clinton. J.D. Pooley/Getty Images/AFP

Sir: The U.S. is a country where you conceive dreams, and your dreams are sealed and delivered. A country where you imagine, and your sense of imagination is rejuvenated and achieved; a country where you imagine possibility, and your conception is synthesised for happenstance.

A country where you saunter for a great opportunity, and your sense of optimism is fired up. In a country where you seek uniqueness, and your sense of exceptionalism glows with reassuring development. A country where you make a choice, and you become what you want to become. A country of imagination and possibility where everything is possible.

In 2008 and 2012 general elections, the cynics underrated our sense of optimism of the  quintessential Senator Barack Obama. Obama made history by dismantling the coagulation of the bigots, the cynics and pessimists in our political clime.

Today, Obama is a product of decades of struggles and optimism in America. Today again, Hillary Rodham Clinton has brought her vintage potentials to bear in the minds of millions who believe in the possibility of the incredible courage of their convictions. She has shattered the 18million-cracked-glass-ceilings she kept in 2008, and she continues to add more to the mesmerized psyche of her fans and adversaries.

As the first female presidential nominee of a formidable Democratic Party in America, she has re-ignited our sense of imagination, optimism and believe in the greatness of America. To November election, the journey has just begun to consolidate the victory of Hillary Clinton in her quest to making history again in the United States.

This election is an election  between decorum and bigotry. This defining moment in the history of the United States. I trust the sense of judgment of the American people in making crucial decisions at auspicious time.
Yahaya Balogun,
Arizona, USA.

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