What is it about the 2014 constitutional conference report?


Sir: Lately, Nigeria’s public space has been blaring loud with a well orchestrated and funded blackmail machinery calls for the implementation of the 2014 constitutional conference reports by various groups across the ethnic nationalities in Nigeria, whether these groups have the legitimate mandate of the people is a discussion for another day.

One is saying this with all sense of responsibility bearing in mind that we have had constitutional conference reports from previous governments of IBB, Abacha, Obasanjo and lately Jonathan. We must also not forget that there was a PRONACO draft constitution of 2006.

So the question now is that what is it in the 2014 constitutional conference report that makes it more legitimate and credible than the other conference reports mentioned above, having in mind that all these conference reports are products of an assembly of different character men and women though some are distinguished through the undemocratic means of handpicking and job for the boys by the governments of the day for purpose other than national interests?

If the campaigners of the implement of the recommendations of the 2014 constitutional conference report are indeed sincere and patriotic to care for collective interest, they ought to be calling on the government of the day to look at the various constitutional conference reports with a view to adopting realistic and rational recommendations from them as a way forward for ameliorating the human condition, after all, one of the recommendations of the 2014 constitutional conference is the creation of 16 more states.

Can any sane person or group canvass the adoption of a conference report recommending the creation of more states with the present realities that a lot of the existing states are not economically viable and have transformed millions of Nigerians into economic destitute via non payments of salaries and pensions?

Therefore, all this well funded loud campaign to implement 2014 constitutional conference report by these persons and groups is a blackmail script from aggrieved interests who are experts in politricks.

Nigerians, beware!
Nelson Ekujumi

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