Why can’t the Mid-East solve their problems?

syriaSir: Remembering that President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the United States (before his death close to the end of the war ), Winston Churchill as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Russian strong man Joseph Stalin (Stalin out of necessity for Russia was invaded by Hitler despite both having signed a non-aggression pact between Germany and Russia), and the allied forces all combined efforts to rout Adolf Hitler and his forces to end the second world war, then, I wonder why there is grandstanding between some of the middle eastern countries for seven forevers.

The United States and Russia had to take the lead as regards the conflict in Syria without which there might not have been a headway of the minutest kind. Even though many pundits have accused both countries of having different agenda in Syria, at whose costs and to whose benefit?

In spite of being a democratic country many still see Russia as a country that still promotes Bolshevism after all she has yet to  solve the problem next door: Ukraine. Why don’t we see a coalition of Arab countries solving Arab problems and why do they toady up to the West to solve the mound of challenges?

While some European states are  benign enough to accept refugees, from the middle east even asking others to do same, some Eastern European states are in a snarling position against migrants coming into their countries. Those against speculate that they might pursue deep-seated religious causes upon settling down in these countries. But for the war, brought about by bad leaders in the middle east, would these refugees have bothered to leave their countries for another? No middle eastern country is in the forefront campaigning for refugees to land on her soil. Why is this so?

I have yet to forget in a hurry how U.S. troops were asked by the Iraqis to leave at a time when it was obvious that the Iraqi military couldn’t handle the sectarian crisis. Even though they said keeping Americans in Iraq isn’t the answer to the problems of Iraq, they themselves are yet to provide solutions to the glut of problems in the Persian Gulf. Disaffection and the rate of attrition is too high in the Arab world, such that it may be hard for Russia and the U.S. to solve them with imported ideologies.

Simon Abah,
Port Harcourt. Rivers State

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