SPONSORED: Emilinks ‘Complete Your Home’ promo produces entrepreneurs

IMG_4670Though planned to be a promo to encourage people to complete their houses buy purchasing building supplies at cheaper rates, the Emilinks Complete Your Home promo is attracting a new set of people – budding entrepreneurs who are taking advantage of the discounts on the promo to make brisk business.

“Since the deals started in February 2016, with prices dropping on all Emilinks’ products by as much as 65%, many people have discovered a chance to become entrepreneurs in the building supplies sector,” an Emilinks representative said.

He gave examples of builders such as Janet Nwachukwu, construction goods retailers such as Tajudeen Rafiu, and Eniola Adebayo, who is starting an entirely new business venture.

He noted that Adebayo now buys Emilinks doors and resells them at a fraction of the current market rates and still makes significant profits.

Looking at the new Emilinks prices, his business model is a no-brainer. From the warehouse, he can pick up a 900mm x 2.1m hand-finished wooden door for between N150,000 and N120,000 instead of the usual N350,000.

Also, the solid wood flush door that is widely used is now down from N110,000 to only N50,000, just like the Economic Flush Door which currently sells for N30,000 rather than N60,000. Then, he can pay half the price for the Emilinks made-in-Italy fire-rated door at only N120,000.

The Emilinks Historic Armour Door was normally valued at N3m; now it is only N1m. This is remarkable because the Armour Door is made with galvanised steel and pure forest wood. Similarly, all non-corroding, non-rusting security doors that used to retail at 370,000 per unit are now available at N150,000 each.

This development is inspirational, says Solomon Emeka Nwadiogbu, chairman of Emilinks, a 14-year-old company whose 7-year-old door manufacturing division has built a reputation on the back of its top-of-the-range, and sometimes pricey, wood products.

“We’re happy to create employment and push value into the system with our long-lifespan, high quality products,” he says. “It is not enough to simply be living to expects that Nigerians will immediately understand that a rare opportunity is available for them to feel less hamstrung by the galloping inflation and finish their dream projects.

Although he concedes that some may have to see the doors and the new prices for themselves to believe him that “We’re happy to create employment and push value into the system with our long-lifespan, high quality products.”

“It is not enough to simply be living to ains that “no one else in this country or abroad—not even in Italy, can do what we are doing.”

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