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A look around the cities will show that many buildings are having Plaster of Paris (POP) ceilings more that they used to be in the last century. This underscores the popularity of POP ceilings in interior decoration.

  POP ceilings are widely used for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, and malls. In fact, they are suited to all types of building.

  The wide use of POP is due to its versatility. It is creates a picture of elegance wherever it is used. It has the advantage of being easily moulded into any shape. This makes it possible to create beautiful designs and patterns on the ceiling. 

  The ceiling can be designed by concentrating the pop around ceiling elements such as lighting fixtures. For instance, highlighting a decorative fixture like lighting can be achieved using a POP ceiling medallion. 

  There are many benefits of POP.  POP can also be used to create a ceiling skirting that can frame the ceiling and demarcate it from the walls. It can be painted in any colour of choice to harmonise with the entire decoration scheme of a place; and it can also be be textured. 

   POP ceiling decorations reduce room temperatures and add more value to any building. POP ceilings are also used to cover ugly beams running across the ceiling. They can also gel with other materials such as glass and wood to give a composite ceiling. It does not add to a fire outbreak or set on fire.

  It is easy to maintain POP, and more designs can be added anytime one is desirous of doing a remodelling of the house.

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