Another Toast To ‘A Decade Plus’ Celebrity Marriages (2)


LAST week, we had indicated that the list of celebrities whose marriages has endured for over a decade was not in any way exhaustive. 

  We had a long list and we purposively selected eight for mention. But trust inquisitive Nollywood fans; they won’t let us be. They wanted to know why their favourite celebrities, including those who work behind the scenes, were not mentioned. 

  Because we consider readers as ‘Kings,’ we take a second report on the celebrated marriages that have spanned over a decade. We note again that the list is not any way exhaustive. 

Omoni And Nnamdi Oboli

A POPULAR blogger once described their marriage as one of the very few in Nollywood that was ‘consummated in heaven.’

  Enter the delectable Delta State-born actress, producer and director, Omoni, and the amiable Nnamdi Oboli.   

  Omoni and Nnamdi have been married for 15 years and they are still counting. Every year and any time it is their anniversary, they both send sweet messages to each other. 

  Last year, on the occasion of their 14th anniversary, the beautiful mother of three boys, who wrote, produced, directed and featured in the romantic comedy, Being Mrs. Elliot, shared this message she had sent to her husband on social media: “14 years don waka! We still dey carry go; nobody waka, no body go solo! 14 years of everything! Fun, laughter, love, companionship, headache, craziness, Lol! 

  “My boyfriend, my lover, my everything! There is no me without you. May God keep us going stronger as the years go by! Love you to infinity and beyond.” 

  And from the very calm, humble and humane Nnamdi comes this well worded reply that was accompanied with a gorgeous bouquet of roses “to say that you are the best would imply that you are comparable. But to say that you are perfect would give you your rightful place among wives, as I reflect. 

  “Many daughters have done well, but you excel them all. Happy 14th anniversary to my dear wife, who makes me daily stand tall.” 

  More of these lovely messages are expected when they mark their 15th year as man and wife later in the year and as they run along as inseparable couples. 

  Nnamdi and Omoni met in 1996, but they started dating four years later when she was in final year at the University of Benin. 

  She recalled that Nnamdi proposed two weeks into the relationship and the rest, as they say, is history.    

  Today, they are ‘the best of friends’ and even Omoni declared that she could never have found someone more suited to her than Nnamdi. 

  By far one of the busiest actress and off stage personality working on the turf, Omoni, who has won both local and international awards for her efforts as an actress and producer, attributes the success of her marriage to the ‘grace of God,’ effective communication between her and Nnamdi and knowing her husband’s likes and dislikes.  

  “Put God first and also communicate with each other, so that things don’t get out of hand because of things unsaid,” she said. 

Victor And Rosaline Osuagwu 

POPULAR comic actor, Victor, and his adorable wife, Rosaline, have been married for 16 years, but they only consummated their marriage that has produced four children- two boys and two girls- in 2013 at the bride’s hometown in Choba, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. 

  Osuagwu, currently the Chairman of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Lagos State hapter, revealed that he met Rosaline, who he described as ‘my heart’ in 1990. 

  He was then an undergraduate at the University of Port Harcourt, while ‘Rosa,’ as he affectionately calls her, was in her fourth form in secondary school.  

  They fell for each other after their first meeting, dated for a few months, after which Osuagwu, who revealed that ‘trust and understanding’ has been the stronghold of their marriage, proposed to her, while Rosaline was an undergraduate at the University of Port Harcourt. 

  They agreed to be man and wife in 2002 and they have lived happily, ever after.  

Emma And Edith Ayalogu 

NOTABLE actor, scriptwriter and producer, Emma Ayalogu, has been married to one of Nigeria’s best acting hands, Edith Jane, nee Azuh, for over two decades now.  

  While ‘Oga Emma,’ as younger colleagues call him, is still very much in the business of motion picture practice, his better half took the decision almost a decade and half ago to quit the movies. 

  She had explained while taking her leave off acting that she had a ‘divine directive’ to serve God in a different capacity. 

  Even Ayalogu confirmed that contrary to the widely held view that he had stopped her from acting after their marriage, the actress had a divine call to work for God in His vineyard. 

  A versatile actor, writer, director and one of the pioneers of Nollywood, Emma is still married to Edith and their marriage is blessed with two children.  

Emeka And Suzanne Ike 

THE golden boy of Nollywood and Youth Ambassador,

Emeka Ike, has been married to his charming and loving wife, Suzanne, for over a decade and half now. 

  They are blessed with lovely children and their marriage, as Emeka affirmed, “is waxing stronger by day, month and year.” 

Others on the ‘decade plus’ list….

* Richard And Jumobi Damijo  *Paul And Barrister Chibuzo Obazele 

* Ramsey Noah And Emilia *
Francis Duru And wife 

* Tony And Patsy Umez  

*Alex Usifo- Umaigbo And Wife 

* Desmond Elliot And Wife *Emeka And Stella Enyiocha

* Kanayo Kanayo And Wife

* Etc.

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