Folorunsho Alakija recounts success of her 38 years old marriage

Folorunsho-AlakijaTo wealth of Folorunsho Alakija, who a few weeks ago celebrated her 65th birthday to high heavens, runs from an oil well, fashion outfit and real estate business is no longer news to many, but what baffles many is how she has sustained her marriage of over 40 years with her enormous wealth and status.

Unlike some power-intoxicated women of means, Folorunsho has maintained a cool and calculated lifestyle devoid of showiness.

Though she lives a luxurious lifestyle that exudes nobility and royalty, this has not deluded her sense of morality, as she has humbly subjected herself to the warmth leadership of her lovely husband, Modupe, an erudite lawyer.

When asked about the secret of her marriage, she replied: “The secrets of our success as a married couple has been communication, a common purse and a shared determination to bring up our children together and with a deep-rooted love for each other.

“Modu is a true family man, which means that the children and I have always been a priority. I know that, in fact, I recognised that even before we got married, when we were visiting family friends and I saw him rolling around on the floor with their children. He had such a sparkle in his eyes that I knew he would be a wonderful father.

“He is like a harmless tiger- strong and proud- but with a big soft heart, or better still, a heart of gold. I knew that my tiger would always fulfill his God-given role as head of the family as best he can.

“It is these qualities that have made my love for him grow ever more and more deeply over the 38 years we have been together.”

It may interest you to know that both couple met at a party in Surulere and after the party, Modupe asked if he could give then young Folorunsho a ride in his car, to which she obliged.

From there, their love story began and they courted for three and half years before finally married on November 12, 1976.

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