‘Paddy Adenuga’, a real or nick name?

Paddy-AdenugaThat is the question begging for answer among the lovers and fans of the Chairman of Globacom Nigeria Plc, Otunba Mike Adenuga. Paddy Adenuga, a top director at Globacom, was not christened with the name he is presently known. A very dependable source confirmed to us that Paddy was a name given to him by his grandfather due to a certain trait exhibited by him when he was growing up as a kid. Paddy ‘s real name and official name is Agbolade Adenuga.

A story was told of how the amiable boy was loved by all, especially his parents’ friends and associates. He was explained to be so friendly with almost all of them and always saw off many of them who came with gifts to their compound gate, but would look the other way at those who came and went with empty hands. Owing to this trait, his grandfather always came to his defence, stating, “There is no padi for jungle” when many of the visitors asked why Agbolade would not see them off.

When his grandfather realised that it had become part of Agbolade’s habit to ignore ‘tight-fisted’ family members and follow the generous ones, who became his padis (slang for close- knit friends), he started calling him “Padi”, which was modified to Paddy. The name has since stuck and overshadowed Agbolade his real name, which was given to him by Mike Adenuga his dad. His real name was bestowed on him because Paddy’s birth occasioned the beginning of a string of successes that have become his father’s lot over the decades.

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