‘Ladies, Beware Of This Kind Of Man’

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Hi, I am Destiny and would want to use this medium to alert the young girls out there. My younger cousin who is 23years of age had a boyfriend whom we all know because she never hid it from the family, and they have been dating for over two years now.

Little did she know that this guy had a very bad plan for her. He invited her to a friend’s party and without her permission, he and his friends put drug in her drink because she does not take any type of drugs nor alcohol and wouldn’t have agreed to take it if given that opportunity.

On that day she was drinking a glass of wine and thought it tasted weird, but drank it anyway but she managed to leave for home immediately she felt awkward (who knows what would have happened?). The next day, she was very concerned because her heart was fluttering non-stop all day. She just thought she was stressed out.

Then two days later, her boyfriend gave her a glass of wine again. But this time he went to the washroom and in the meantime she was about to take a sip of her wine and there was a half broken up green pill inside the bottle. She was in shock.

She confronted him when he came back and he denied it and promptly grabbed the bottle with green pill and threw it outside and said it must have been someone from where he bought it that put it. She did not believe him and pressed him for the truth. He admitted to it and said the pill was an extacy drug.

She demanded to see a whole pill and he showed it to her. It was a green capsule. He said he gave it to her so she would give him sex and he also confessed he put it in her drink on that party day, that it was his friends that advised him to do it since he told them she was a virgin.

She left his house and broke up with him. This guy who is 29 years of age, the family thinks my cousin is just wicked and tag her like every other girl searching for greener pastures but they don’t know the truth (she promised not to tell anyone what he did).

Did she do the right thing? Would any of you tolerate your drink being spiked without you knowing it? Especially by someone you love and wish to get married to? I have pleaded to her to open up but she still insists she wouldn’t. Please I need your advise.

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  • True Nigerian

    Baby girl, you have a criminal in your hands. Beat it and take flight. Don’t even border to think about it.