Love, like a rainbow – Part 3

loveContinued from last week Saturday…

Onu Jaguna was among the young men seeking her hand in marriage some few years ago. He was very ugly as well as extremely poor. If there was a global competition for ugly men, it was certain Onu would come out tops as the ugliest man in the world. He had pimples on his face, stunted nose and he was slim, with an askew teeth. But deep down in his heart he loved her sincerely. Onu was among the men Bimbo would not want near her during her heydays. He was still unmarried three years after Bimbo’s botched marriage. Bimbo hated poor and ugly men with a frenzied passion. Onu had heard of the troubles and travails facing her. He travelled to Ekiti Land and he volunteered himself to journey into the jungle of demons to get the Obatala leaves that would heal her of her strange illness, not minding the dangers inherent in such adventures.

“I’ll die for you, Bimbo,” Onu said to the ailing beauty on her sickbed, “I’ll get the Obatala leaves just to see you live…”

With tears in her eyes, she didn’t know what to say, but nodded, signifying approval. Thus, Baba Ogbontarigi told Onu about the many dangers and the risky journey he was about to make. Onu accepted to go despite the deadly battles he would fight in the jungle of demons. Without much ado, Onu began the journey of no return into the jungle of demons. His first day in the jungle of demons was a great battle with man-eating monsters who wanted to snuff out his life. Armed with arrows, daggers and amulets he got from his aged dad, Onu fought the deadliest battle of his life. He believed it was a battle he must fight just to free Bimbo from the grip of death. He killed two man-eating monsters on his first day in the jungle of demons.

The second day he also fought with birds of prey that ate human beings. He killed two among them but he was brutally wounded and he managed to escape. It was on the third day he reached where the Obatala leaves were planted; it was surrounded by deadly snakes. By prayer and meditation, he turned himself into fire and the deadly snakes crawled away so he quickly had the opportunity to get the powerful leaves.

Soaked with blood and tired, Onu began the journey back home. Suddenly, he discovered that he was lost in the thick jungle. As a last resort, he called the Holy Spirit when it dawned on him that he would die in the jungle because he had grown so lean, weak and gaunt. God showed him mercy and thus he discovered his way again and he started running back home with blood dripping from his body.

At last Onu arrived with the Obatala leaves and he gave it to Baba Ogbontarigi. The necessary things were done and Bimbo regained her health again and she looked more beautiful. Her parents were very happy. She hugged Onu in sublime joy and gratitude. “I love you Onu! Please, don’t leave me. I love you!” she repeated with profound happiness. Thus, Onu and Bimbo did a fantastic wedding ceremony that was the talk-of-the-town for several months. They were now blessed with twins, two bouncing baby boys. They lived happily ever after.


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