‘The Crisis Is About Managing Diverse Interests In The Party’

Prof. Sam Egwu

Prof. Sam Egwu

A Professor of Political Science at the University of Jos, Prof. Sam Egwu, examines the peculiar nature of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in its slow and steady approach to governance.   According to Egwu, “You need to look at the history of APC and how it transformed from a small opposition to being a mega opposition that was able to win in 2015 elections.

And what that history tells you is that the APC is a rainbow coalition because it benefited from people defecting from other parties. And so, the party is contending with the various interests that got into the party and it needs time to be able to carve out its own identity as a political party.

“And I think what they are simply going through is coming to terms with managing the diversity of interests that are expressed in the party. I think it is a reality which you cannot run away from.”

On the alleged unpreparedness of the APC for governance, he argued that it is more than that because in the political history of Nigeria, every political party in the country that is national enough to win power will have to address the challenge of managing diversity.

He said, “People’s Democratic Party (PDP) itself fell from power after 16 years precisely because of the challenge of managing diversity in that party and that was what translated into the crisis of internal democracy. My point, therefore, is that it is one thing to win, but you really need to sit down and look at the federal nature of the country and take it up on board.

“So, I don’t think the problem is that they are not prepared for governance but that of to settle down, they will have to adequately spread the benefits and opportunities of power across the contending interests in the country.

Nobody is happy, nobody is satisfied for the slow pace and that is precisely because you are dealing with a particular political class that does not think governance is important. But I think, it is a matter of time.

We are beginning to learn the lessons.   “If in 2015, PDP was defeated because of irresponsibility and rascality, it is a warning to the APC that if they don’t put their house in order early enough to address the critical issues of governance, they are likely going to suffer the same fate.”

Egwu finally submitted that Nigerians should be patient and give APC government time to work out internal logic of power which they have to deal with because it is a party that has all the sections of Nigeria incorporated into its platform.

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