Valentine Groove: Married couples, spinsters share love experiences

Darey Art Alade and his wife

Amid the economic recession being experienced in Nigeria, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. The echo of the annual love celebration is already in the air. At almost every nooks and crannies of the city are posters, handbills and other means of communication, notifying people about different events to mark the unique day. Married couples, bachelors, spinsters and others are all getting prepared for the grooves usually associated with the celebration.
Traders, especially those trading on love items are hoping to make brisk business during the period, but the rising cost of living may be a problem. However, many are of the opinion that no matter the situation, people should and must celebrate their love lives, because it is worth it.

I Got Married For Myself-Darey Art Alade

A good marriage is like fine wine, it gets sweeter and better with age and time. In an industry where celebrity marriages crash day after day, award-winning singer, Dare Art Alade and his beautiful wife, Deola, have proved that celebrity marriage can last. They have been married for 10 years and have still kept the flame of love burning. By November 30, they would be celebrating 11 years of marriage.

Celebrating their 10 years anniversary, the R&B singer took to his Instagram page to praise and celebrate his beautiful wife. “Here’s to the next 10 with the only one that makes my existence worth it. Love you forever and a day babe! Happy 10th anniversary to us!” he tweeted

When asked the secret of their marriage success, the Pray For Me singer said: “By just taking things easy, it’s the grace of God. Also, spending time with your family, it is important to realise what is important to you; put your family first. You have to protect your family and you keep answers to such questions very short. You don’t want to say too much, saying too much is unnecessary. It’s really nobody’s business.

“The tongue and teeth fight, but still in the same mouth. Brothers and sisters have arguments, too. Nobody has a perfect relationship, but it is how you manage yourself that is important. Once you start involving the public or different people, it gets a bit difficult. I didn’t get married because I want to count 50 years or what people will say about me, I got married for myself. There are a lot of responsibilities involved in marriage, but mindset matters in all,” Darey added.

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