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rain-1Here’s how to look and feel stylish in the rain
The rains are here and we know how difficult it is to be stylish and glamorous with rain pouring from the skies, struggling with protection from the elements and trying to stay dry and comfortable all at the same time. Rain can be a fashion nightmare and dull, frizzy hair as well as runny make-up is not a pleasant experience.

Try these tips on how to survive the rains fashionably:
. Keep yourself dry: This makes all kind of sense, health-wise and fashion-wise. Wear fitted coats and jackets over your clothes. If you go to Idumota or Balogun Markets, coats of all sizes are sold there in any colour of your choice. When buying, ensure the coat flatters your figure. You don’t have to sacrifice fashion on the altar of functionality and vice versa. Wear thin clothes beneath your jacket. Materials like cashmere, cotton and silk are perfect and do not add extra bulk. Kindly stay away from ill-fitting sweaters and oversized clothes as they do nothing for your figure or confidence.

. Lively colours: When the weather is grey and cloudy, it is advisable to wear bright, cheerful colours to improve your spirit. Apart from helping you get through a tough day at work, bright colours tend to keep you balanced.

. Ditch the suede and leathers: We do not need to tell you the danger that water can do to suede and leather. Luckily, there are several slippers, shoes and bags made from plastic and rubber that are not only fashionable but also functional.

. Accessorize: Your umbrella can be an accessory. Get fashionable, chic and colourful umbrellas that not only protect you from the weather, but also add zest to your look.

Rain can wreack havoc to the best hairstyles if left uncovered. If you are not with an umbrella, try to carry a shower cap with you when you go out. Braids are your best bet during this season as they are easier to manage and do not look frizzy even when exposed to rain water. Try to use anti-frizz serum or hairsprays before going out to protect your hair.

The importance of moisturizing cannot be overemphasized. The rain tends to wash off creams and makeup, so you need to reapply several times before the day is over. Wear waterproof mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow as much as possible as these tend to run leaving you with an unsightly appearance. Also, apply liquid foundations and cream blushes instead of powders. They don’t wash away easily hence the makeup stays on longer. In addition, they don’t streak as easily as powders do upon getting wet. In all these, keep your make up light. The less you can get away with wearing, the better as no matter what products you apply, there is still some chance that they will run off especially if you are moving about with public transportation or moving around a lot during the course of the day.

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