Valuable YOU:Empowering Girls With Valuable Summer Holiday Activities

Rita okoyeValuable YOU Summer camp has been opened for the past two weeks and the girls have been fully engaged. Below I will share what they have been up to. Day 1 – Building Self Confidence The girls were introduced to the vision of Valuable YOU Summer Camp and what to expect.

They were introduced to the Valuable YOU Anthem which they recite every day to reaffirm how valuable they are. The first discussion we had was on building self confidence and I went through the tools to achieve it.

I introduced them to games that are directed at building confidence which they all took part in and enjoyed. Mrs Eziafa Nwokolo, visited in the afternoon and spoke to the girls about believing in themselves.

She said, the three most important people they should listen to are God, their parents and themselves. Day 2 – Etiquette and Table Manners We continued some of the daily activities described in day one such as the Valuable YOU anthem and diction.

The theme on Day 2 was about Etiquette and Table Manners. We discussed etiquette and how important it is to have good manners where ever you go. I told them the importance of making a good first impression. The girls took part in dressing a table and also brainstormed all they knew about table manners.

They played fun etiquette games including using magic words in different languages. The key learning here is that you need to have good manners wherever you go in the world. Our guest speaker was Madame Solange, Fashion blogger and personal stylist. She showed the girls images of different styles. She talked about knowing your body type and importance of personal style and having your own uniqueness.

The girls wrote down all their key learning for the day. Day 3 – Essentials of Good Leadership Today was about essentials of good leadership. I went through a presentation that I usually share with corporate organisations but I toned it down to suit their age. We discussed essentials of good leadership and ways that they would improve their country.

They took part in leadership games that included being blind folded and being led by the leader who gave instructions. The girls had a chance to play some outside games which included a tug of war which they all enjoyed.

Our guest speaker and parent Mrs Amaoge Obi-Ekwe also gave the girls some words of wisdom and told the girls how important is it to be confident. She said she was fortunate to have a father who taught her to believe in herself so she never lacked confidence. In their creative writing session, they wrote down all their key learning and then read it aloud to the group. Throughout the week I kept reaffirming how valuable they are.

Day 4 – Money Management Entrepreneurship, Team Building & Money Management are all buzz words that the girls heard from me. My valuable girls were taught money management and budgeting. They were given a budget to plan a fabulous party for my god daughter. It was difficult to choose the winning team but the girls that understood what the client was looking for and within budget were declared the winners.

Our guest speaker Osarhieme Fola-Alade, CEO at SweetHeart came by with her eldest son and taught my girls cake decorating. She is one of the finest dessert makers in Lagos.

The girls got hands on practice and decorated their own chocolate cake. The verdict yummy! Design Essentials donated valuable products. The girls enjoyed treasure hunt and water sports, along with a host of themed money management games. Day 5 – Personal Grooming I shared tips on how to be naturally charming which will give them a competitive edge wherever they go. These include smiling, remembering names, asking questions and being genuinely interested in others.

There were plenty of role plays, dress up and lots of fun and games both indoor and out. Lots of practical demonstration on how to look after oneself and the girls had fun dressing up.

Kemi, owner of KLs Natural Beauty bar, and educator on behalf of Design Essentials spoke to girls about how to care for the hair and one lucky girl received a hair massage which is important for hair growth.

Day 6 РCommunication! I shared valuable tips in communication that I gained at BBC and beyond.  The girls had great fun taking part in role play. They were shown the best ways and bad ways to communicate. All these are tools will help them stand out anywhere in the world.

They learned APA Communication that is Aggressive, Passive and Assertive styles of communication and they also discovered which is most effective with a bit of role play.  I think my valuable girls deserve an award in acting for show casing communication skills through role play.

They also produced a radio jingle for our Valuable YOU TV show. The camp ended with a Pop Idol themed dance session. The girls got down to some serious tunes. Next week is the final week of Valuable YOU Summer Camp for girls at Teeky Arena and Events Place.

The girls will be taught public speaking, healthy living and they will produce a theatre production of their time at camp. Our guest speakers will include Dr Nonye Barrow from Party Show, a doctor turned remarkable entrepreneur and Sophia Mbakwe from Green Butterflies Interiors, an oil & gas senior executive, turned interior designer extraordinaire.

Rita Okoye is passionate about raising young girls and equipping them with tools that will help them to conduct and value themselves as treasures and present themselves effectively anywhere in the world.

Valuable YOU summer camp is on for 3 more days from 27th to 29th July. If you would like your daughter to attend contact Rita for more information at

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