21 strategies to overcome marital delay

This is the 10th week of our discussion, and we have examined several things to do or rather what to become so as to position ourselves for the person God has prepared for us to marry in life. So many are going through delay because they are not aware of what to do to overcome delay in their lives. The truth is that it is not enough to know what we need to do; we must be willing to do them. There are prices to pay and nothing happens, if you refuse to pay them. Today we are looking at the subject of humility and how it helps you to overcome marital delay. We have been talking about who you must become, and not just what to do. That is why getting married is not just about getting the right partner, but you becoming the right partner.

Be Humble
Pride repels but humility attracts the right kind of people to your life. Pride will cost you delay, but humility will hasten your journey to a successful marriage. I discovered that people naturally gravitate towards the humble person.

Many are going through marital delays due to their arrogance or pride. They are so full of themselves that they belittle everyone and they cannot listen to anybody. They are always right in their own sight. Nobody’s opinion, advice or wisdom matters to them. Such people will never listen to counsels, learn from others nor accept that they are ever wrong not to talk of taking corrections. There is hope for anyone in life except for a proud man. The reason is because no matter your problem, your attitudes or your mistakes there is hope for you, if you are ready to listen to others, accept your faults and make amends as you take corrections. But the proud will not accept his or her fault, not to think of changing. A proud person is stubborn, rigid and not flexible. They are usually unyielding and unbending.

The proud have overestimation of themselves. They are also up there and they look down on others. They carry themselves as peacock and look down on others as mere chicken. Pride makes you to despise others, underestimate others and overestimate yourself; because of what you have and what others do not have. That is why some people can have the gut to turn down others on the ground that “they have no future”. It is very wrong to think that there is someone without a future, simply because he or she does not have what you have or because you have a better background or opportunity in life. So many have regretted such statements, because the person they looked down upon yesteryears have suddenly become an enviable personality. That is to show that our lives and destinies are in God’s hands and no one knows tomorrow. God is committed to promoting His people. God is still in the business of lifting His own. He said in His word that:

“Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase” (Job 8:7). The Bible also made us to know that God specialises in raising beggars out of the dunghill to the palace. “He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth the needy out of the dunghill” Psalm 113:7.

A proud man is a thief; he steals the glory that belongs to God. Imagine people become proud because of their backgrounds, beauty, brilliance, certificates and riches. Looking at it, all these things should make us to be grateful to God. From first Corinthians chapter four, verse seven the Bible says there is nothing we have that we have not received. God detests pride that is why he said He would not share His glory with another person (Isaiah 42:8). But a proud person steals the glory that belongs to God. God is only willing to work on our behalf and in our lives, when there is nobody that wants to steals the glory. That was exactly what destroyed king Herod, when he delivered his oration and the people shouted that it was the voice of a god, he basked in the glory and “the angel of the Lord smote him, because he gave not God the glory and he was eaten of worms, and gave up the ghost” (Acts 12:20-23).

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