Changing for more patronage

Pastor David Adeoye

Everybody in business desires to enjoy more patronage from time to time. But this will be practically impossible, unless a person always changes his ways of doing things for better. For you to succeed, you must hold loosely to today’s methods and foresee tomorrow’s challenges. Whenever there is a need for change, it should not be resisted. Only God does not change, but He changes His method of dealing with His people sometimes. For instance, as soon as they got to Canaan, manna ceased from heaven; Jesus healed several blinds in the Bible using different methods. He anointed one with clay and His saliva (John 9:6, 7). He opened the eyes of blind Bartimaeus by speaking to him the word of faith (Mark 10: 51-52).
Those who resist change end up being ‘chained’ and lose relevance in life and business. What worked yesterday might be a waste today. The method that was supplying more resources yesterday might be sapping resources today. You can lose your place in the market place, if you resist change. John Mason said, “Yesterday’s formula for success is often tomorrow’s recipe for failure.”
If you are not changing you will slam the door on future opportunities. A wise man once said, “All breakthroughs in business come from innovations, from offering something better, cheaper, faster, newer, or more efficient in the current market place.” You cannot expect more patronage and keep doing things the same old way.
Christianity is all about rebirth (John3:3). Throughout the Bible, God’s people are often portrayed as the most current and innovative of all people. The Pharisees were always jealous of Jesus, because while they stuck to the old covenant, they were losing patronage and Jesus was taking over because, He came with the New Covenant. The Pharisees lost relevance and patronage because they wrapped timely messages with ‘outdated wrappers.’Change means giving up what is ‘familiar’ and no longer rewarding nor working.
“And one should not put new wine into old wineskins, or else the new wine will burst the wineskin, spill out and the wineskin will be ruined” (Luke5: 37). Too much familiarity with the past, blocks our view of new and future opportunities. The front-liners in any field are people that are never satisfied with the way things are. Their lack of satisfaction with the way things are, provoke them to keep asking questions on what can be done to improve the situation. As they keep improving, they keep enjoying more patronage and relevance in their fields.

The Swiss Watch was the most prestigious and best quality watch in the world in the 1940s. At this time, 80 percent of the watches sold in the world were from Switzerland. In the late 1950s, the digital watch was presented to the leaders of the Swiss watch company. The Swiss watchmakers rejected this new idea, because they thought they already had the best watch products. The man, who developed the digital watch, later sold the idea to Seiko in Japan.Today, Japan watch makers have taken over the world watch market.

They now control about 80 percent of the world’s watch market, while the Swiss watchmakers control less than 20 percent of the global market.The greatest enemy of new ideas is the celebrated current idea. It is time to stretch your mind with new ideas and stop getting familiar with the old ones.

Although, it might suffer criticism, but new things don’t struggle for attention, especially if it is better. When an idea does not originate from people, they tend to resist it, even when it is in their best interest.We are in a changing world; you can’t afford to resist change if you don’t want to lose patronage. A wise man said, “Only fools and dead men don’t change their minds. Fools won’t; dead men can’t.” As long as you are still breathing, you’ve got to keep changing for the better in order to remain relevant.

Stop “chaining” your business down, by refusing to change. You are born to occupy a place of significance in the market place, but if you refuse to embrace change, you can lose your place. I pray you will not lose your place in Jesus’ name. Happy New Year In Advance!!!
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