Don’t be afraid; just have faith

Prophet Sunday O. Nwabeke

The leader of a synagogue named Jarius came to Jesus and pleaded fervently, saying, “my little daughter is dying, please come and lay your hands on her, heal her so she can live (mark 5:23).” Jesus went with him, but on the way messengers came and told him that his daughter had died. Jesus Christ sensed the fear that came over Jarius and in response He spoke the words of our topic today; DONT BE AFRAID, JUST HAVE FAITH.

Like Jarius, we may have to deal with problems that can cause real fear to come into our lives. Like Jarius, it could be a health issue of a family member. It could be our own health. It could be a business or a financial issue that causes the fear. It could be legal issue that threatens us. It could be anything. In this dispensation, fear can arise from any area of our lives. When these problems and issues come up and fear tries to take control of us, we may have no idea of what to do. All seems lost, the roof have caved in. Everything we try to do about it failed. We ask the Lord, what do I do now? We ask without really expecting any answers. The Lord, however, always has an answer. The Lord always answers each and every one of us the same way every time. He always answers with the two commands of our topic today. First of all, He says: “Don’t be afraid.” Fear is an emotion. It arises within us as a response to problematic situations. It can only arise within us. However, when our hearts are filled with unbelief, when we don’t believe that God will help, fear gets its way with us.

That’s why the Lord added the second command to the first, “just have faith.” When we choose to put into practice the faith the Lord has given to us, fear goes away and we are able to enter the rest of the Lord (Heb 4 vs 3).

In 1 Samuel 17 vs 26, David didn’t approach the challenges and abusive words of Goliath was throwing to the Israelite army with fear, rather he was asking the reward attached to killing Goliath because he had faith in God. Faith is not an atmosphere that is free of challenges, ones mind and heart is relaxed in God because He has the ultimate power, Psalms 62 vs 11.

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