Fathers Day: Speakers task fathers on godly character

PHOTO: techuloid.com

PHOTO: techuloid.com

The President of Men Missionary Union of First Baptist Church, Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Olufemi Adeyemo, has called on fathers to provide good leadership and positive examples to their families and the society. He made this known during the 2016 Fathers’ Day ceremony held at First Baptist Church, Eket. Speaking on the theme: “Real Men, Real Husbands, Real Fathers,” Adeyemo said fathers should avoid infidelity and be satisfied with their wives. He said real fathers must yearn for the Holy Spirit to enable them fulfil God’s dictates.

“Real fathers should not be empty of God’s Spirit in order to avoid being open to the devil. Fathers should come to Jesus Christ and give their lives to Him for their lives to take shape. Fathers should be satisfied with their wives, because once you go out something is broken. They should be role models to their families and should endeavour to widen their horizon, improve their knowledge and imbibe the spirit of love and togetherness.

“Fathers should also understand their children, when they exhibit certain traits because they are custodians of these children and shouldn’t shut them out. Fathers should also expand their horizon so as to be able to answer every question from their children to actualise their destiny. They should build their families together with their wives, as well as spend money together. Real men should not have ulterior motives, when getting married nor take advantages of women,” he said.

Guest Minister, Rev. Idopise Ido, who also enjoined fathers to undertake their responsibilities at home, said the foundation of a Christian father is to be born again, and make provision for the indwelling word of God.

“An unfaithful boy will become an unfaithful man, husband and father, but a man that is born again will be a real man, husband and father. Real men have self-control, they love and care for their wives, and always perform their responsibilities by their children because it takes the husband and wife to create the desired atmosphere at home. Being a real man is not just about wearing shirt and trousers. A man works hard to be a husband and father,” Ido said.

He reminded fathers of the consequences of careless statements and foul languages on their children.

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