Restitution – Part 2

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye

Memory Verse: “… Zacchaeus… said… Behold, Lord… half of my goods I give to the poor; and if I have taken any thing from any man by false accusation, I restore him fourfold.” – Luke 19:8
Scripture: Exo: 22:1-13

Restitution is living irrefutable proof of salvation, repentance, and consecration of a soul. The hardened heart of a sinner is absolutely insensitive to sin past, present or future. The saved soul will always wonder what got into him and why he committed the wicked and abominable acts of the past. Here, Zacchaeus was not only eager to undo all wrong, but he had also become more compassionate and considerate; more generous and loving. All clear signs of a new regenerated heart.

Some of the reasons:
• God commanded it, Lev.6: 1-5; Ex.22: 10-13.
• It clears conscience towards God and man, 1 Sam.12: 1-5; Acts 24:16.
• It shows repentance and willingness to turn a new leaf, Lk.19: 8-9; Ezek.33: 14-16.

Examples include accounts of Abimelech, Joseph’s brothers, Old Testament kings and prophets, and Zacchaeus, in the new testament, Gen.20: 6-9, 14; Gen.50: 15-19; 1 Kgs.20: 34; Neh.5: 11-12; Lk.19: 8-9; Acts 23:1-5; Philm10: 17-19.

There are common cases, which most of us have to address, as opposed to complex unusual ones. Here are some of the common ones:
• We should return or replace all things stolen or wrongly converted, like our tithes and the tithes of others, Lev.6: 2-5; Lk.19: 8; Mal.3: 8; Lev.5: 14-16.
• Replacement of lost, missing or damaged items in our care must be done quickly, Ex.22: 5-6; Ex.21: 18-19.
• Reconciliation and resolution disputes with third parties must promptly done, Matt.5: 23-25; Mt.18: 15-17.
• Confessions of lies and misrepresentations generally, 2 Sam.16: 5-8; 2 Sam.19: 18-20; Acts 23:1-5.
• Coming clean on marriages entered into under hypocrisy and misrepresentation, Lk.3: 8; Gen.20: 14; Rom.2: 13-16.

Sometimes, the Holy Spirit reminds us of long forgotten sins committed decades ago, either by us or by people connected to us. This usually happens, when the old forgotten sin is wholly or partly responsible for present and current difficulties. This could be generational or ancestral.

It is important to remember that the blood of Jesus cleanses from all sin. However, sometimes the law of harvest causes hindrances and resistance emanating from the past may affect our here and now. The faithlessness of some over- familiar acquaintances limited the ministry of our Lord and the prayerlessness of the disciples meant they could not, on one occasion, deal with a particular type of demon. All hindrances in your life will be neutralised in the mighty name of Jesus.

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