Undies to match

Bishop Charles Ighele

All over the world, people love to dress to match. Go to the markets, go to the malls, go to churches on Sundays, you will see many people whose shoes and clothes match in terms of colour combinations.

Seeing that people generally love to dress to match, I am surprised at the reactions of males and females, when they are told that they have to dress to match way down to their undies.

Dressing well with good colour combination gives people a sense of confidence and when others compliment their colour combinations, they blush. When many men step out well suited with the proper colour combination of shoes, trousers, shirts and tie all made to match, they feel cool about themselves and when others compliment their dress sense, they are happy.

It still amazes me about the efforts we put in dressing to match when we go to work, church, parties, visits, etc., while we may not care whether our undies match or not. You may say “but nobody sees my undies,” but I want to state here that if you think you have the spirit of excellence and dress sense, it is not complete until you know how to make your undies match almost all the time.

Men may wonder why their boxers and singlets or inner round necks need to match, when nobody sees them. Some females may also wonder why their undies need to match when nobody sees them. But for people who are married, I say somebody sees you and that is your spouse. Like you might have known by now, males and females are wowed by what they see.

But the males are more easily wowed. When a man and his wife are dressing to go out in the bedroom and he sees his wife with beautiful undies that match, it gives the man some positive vibes. But when the man sees the wife wearing old-fashioned-ugly-looking undies that do not match, some men are put off, while many others are not naturally attracted to take a second look.

A man of God said many years ago: “beauty attracts”. So, if beauty attracts, a man is likely to take a second look, when his wife puts on beautiful undies that match than he would have done at a pair of undies whose colours seem to be quarreling with each other. And you know what? Many of such men get sexually attracted to their wives more other things being equal.

If wearing beautiful undies that match can fire up a man’s interest in his wife, why won’t ladies go all out to ensure that almost all their undies match? Why should they spend so much time dressing to match outwardly to please themselves and to make the public look at them as people of class, while they dress inwardly not caring about the impact it may have on their marital lives?

I would appeal to singles to begin to dress to match, so that when they marry it will become a part of them. I am not writing only to females. Males also have to dress to match underneath. I am a male and I hardly see myself go out without making sure that my singlet or inner round neck matches whatever other undies I am wearing. And do you know what? Many times when my wife sees me in our bedroom in my inner clothes, she will say something like “wow! You look good”. And we have been married for over thirty years. Let me end this write up here. Love you.

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