ASSBIFI decries casualisation, poor working conditions

Comrade Sunday Salako

Comrade Sunday Salako

The Association of Senior Staff of Banks, Insurance and other Financial Institutions (ASSBIFI), has kicked against high level of casualisation and poor working conditions for Nigerian workers across all sectors in the economy.

Speaking recently in Lagos, the National President of ASSBIFI, Comrade Sunday Salako, said workers must fight against casualisation in accordance with International Labour Organisation (ILO) convention.

According to him, “We are now in era where government’s agencies are also involved in workers’ casualisation through outsourcing of jobs that are supposed to be permanently meant for Nigerians. This is not good for our democracy and we are determined to fight it.

“Last year, we focused on the challenges of casualisation among the Nigerian workers. It was so serious that we discovered that the actual cause of casualisation is corporate greed, which also transformed into outsourcing.

“We noticed that there are also other issues that are as a result of corporate greed. We have been fighting the issue of vulnerable workers, just as outsourcing and casualisation have been at the forefront of our discourse. But our challenge is that we have a government that has been compromised.”

“When you talk about casualisation and outsourcing, government agencies are also involved in casualising Nigerians. They outsourced jobs that are supposed to be permanent.

“Besides, this year, we are focusing on building workers power against corporate greed and weak corporate governance. Deliberately, people weaken corporate governance because with strong corporate governance, whistle blowers can be protected, otherwise, such blowers’ job or life will be at risk,” he said.

He further argued: “Employers and government are the same. Most employers are either politicians or friends of politicians. They ensure that no policy of government will negate their companies’ policies or undermine their investments. Moreover, some of our politicians are financed by these employers and the politicians will not have the political will to support a policy that will undermine their interest.”

He noted that those supporting the call for sale of national assets are themselves interested in buying these assets. “They want to buy the whole of Nigeria so that Nigeria can be under them till eternity.”

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