Afmobi creates jobs with Palmplay

PalmplayTo further reduce the rate of unemployment in the country, Afmobi Nigeria, a mobile and internet service firm with its team of experts has designed a wireless platform that will help employ Nigerians to make entrepreneurs through a plethora of fun apps, games, movie, music, pictures and business content hosted on a magical fun box called Palmplay offlineTM.

Afmobi has its business plan clearly mapped out for just the African market and hopes to create a content-rich wireless hub whereby Nigerians can download games, movie, music, apps and pictures without using their mobile data.

Speaking at a workshop in Lagos, Head of Afmobi group, Lawal Suraj, said the name Palmplay offline TM has offline in it for a reason and that is because all the download on this wireless platform happens offline (without using mobile data), adding that users’ mobile data is perfectly safe when the user enjoys premium content download over the wireless connection with amazing speed.

“Palmplay offline TM boxes have bandwidth that can cover a given distance, which means users can enjoy contents from a supplying box within a given range.

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