Good corporate culture, key to improving company’s bottom-line, says Isibor


Group CEO, Poise Nigeria. isibor Mavi Isibor

Business Executives and top CEOs have been charged to develop the right corporate culture, that would positively impact on the work of organisations and improve their bottom-line.

The Chairman of Poise Nigeria, Godwin Isibor while speaking at the recent launch of Poise Kenya dubbed, “Linking Professionalism to the Bottom-line’ in Nairobi, said companies with performance enhancing cultures have had their businesses improve significantly over time.

“Those organisations with good corporate culture had five-fold growth and their bottom line improved significantly,” he said.

He explained that a study that compared 200 companies in the US showed such organisations that had their performance improve significantly achieved it after practicing good corporate culture that benefited both customers and staff.

Similarly, the CEO of Poise Group, Mavi Isibor has said that employees can enforce, reinforce, or break the organisation’s promise depending on their training and mentoring while settling for less undermines the companies bottom-line.

“The moment you settle for less than you deserve, you end up settling for less than you desired,” she said.

She said customers worldwide are becoming more enlightened and are rejecting substandard products and services.

“In whatever you do for the company, you must have the passion for excellence to impact on the excellence of other organisations,” she added.

She said a brand is about creating a pattern and a culture that is sustainable, noting that organisations spend millions or billions of shillings on building brands but they end up forgetting the executors of the same brand.

“A good building and ambiance is not a brand. Don’t forget the people who execute the service. Who you are and what you do determines how people view you as a business or organisation. The most successful firms have employees with more empathy and better manners as people nowadays set high standards for behaviour and quality service. The moment you settle for less than you deserve, you end up settling for less than you desired”, she added.

On the adoption of social skills, the Managing Director of Poise Kenya, Florence Oile said the firm aims at erasing the disparity between identity and image by enhancing the social skills of Executives and government functionaries.

She pointed out that Poise aims at developing the correct corporate culture of organisations in terms of finesse, class, prestige and character in defining professional.

“At Poise, we provide personality development by equipping executives and their employees with soft skills to complement their hard skills. For last 15 years, we have been transforming the business landscape across the strata of organisations and our areas of focus have been international business etiquette, ethics and personal values, she explained.

Also, she observed that others are emotional intelligence, communication and presentation skills.

According to Oile, today’s organisations are pushing for a training link between university graduates and the job market.


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